Take Action to Demand: No U.S. War on Venezuela!

Plan Immediate Actions in the Event of Military Intervention

Sign + Share: President Nicolás Maduro's 'Open Letter'

ALL OUT: March 16 & March 30 Mobilizations in DC

In the Event of Military Intervention in Venezuela – Hit the Streets and Shut it Down!

If the U.S. or its allies take military action against Venezuela, we must immediately help step up the militancy and take our resistance to the streets. Grassroots acts of civil disobedience, student actions, strikes, shut downs, sit ins and blockades are being discussed. No business as usual! Help become a global voice to demand NO WAR! Make preparations in your city for emergency actions the day after any military action. Discuss plans now on times and places to gather in case military action against Venezuela occurs.

Submit your city’s plans to info@nowaronvenezuela.org

Sign + Gather Signatures on President Nicolás Maduro’s ‘Open Letter to the People of the United States’

People in Venezuela and across the world are collecting signatures on this letter as an act of solidarity and resistance. Organize groups in your community to gather signatures, using the formatted letter and signature sheet on the website. This is also a great opportunity to talk with people about the reality of the situation in Venezuela, using the fact sheets and other materialsYou can also sign and share the petition online.

Join the ‘No U.S. War on Venezuela’ contingent at March 16 and March 30 demonstrations in Washington, DC.

On March 16 and March 30, major demonstrations are planned in DC to demand U.S. & NATO Hands off Venezuela. March with our contingent and join us to deliver many thousands of petition signatures on the ‘Open Letter’ on both days to the White House. More info on time and location of the contingents coming soon.

Find more info on the March 30 No 2 NATO: National Mobilization to Oppose NATO, War & Racism! Hands Off Venezuela mobilization here

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