Full List – Organizational Endorsers and Signers on the No War on Venezuela Statement


International Action Center

Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle New York

Alliance for Global Justice


Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO)



Fight for Im/migrants and Refugees Everywhere (FIRE)

Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice – Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (Canada)

Fundacion de Trabajadores sociales Bolivariano Venezolanos, Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Mobilization Against War and Occupation – MAWO (Canada)

A Call to Action on Puerto Rico

Accion Progresistas del alto Manhattan UPA

Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network

Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos – ICAP

San Francisco Bay View

Philippines-Bolivarian Venezuela Friendship Association

Chicago Anti-war Coalition

Peace Fresno (CA)

Alba Social Movement – Ottawa

Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom

Zimbabwe Labour Centre Working People’s College

Broome Tioga Green Party, Binghamton, NY, USA

Community Organizing Center, Columbus, OH, USA

Centro Cultural Latinoamericano, York, Ontario, Canada

Kâthe Kollwitz Peace Run, Belgium

Vrede met Venezuela, Amsterdam

Green Party US

International Action Center

Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle New York

Alliance for Global Justice


Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO)



Fight for Im/migrants and Refugees Everywhere (FIRE)

Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice – Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (Canada)

Mobilization Against War and Occupation – MAWO (Canada)

A Call to Action on Puerto Rico

Accion Progresistas del alto Manhattan UPA

Action LA Network


All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)

Alliance for Venezuela

American Party of Labor

Anti-Racist Action – L.A.

Anti-War Committee

apuche Nation Support Committee, Edmonton

Art without Border

Asian American Political Alliance / 1969 Third World Liberation Front Strikers

Australia Solidarity with Latin America

Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network


Baltimore Peace Action

Broome Tioga Green Party, Binghamton, NY, USA

Black Men’s Movement

Black Nation in Babylon-Germany

Black Workers for Justice

Border Peace Presence

Boston May Day Coalition

Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace (BACP)

Brujula Metropolitana (Mexico)

Buffalo Democratic Socialists of America

Calgary Anti-Racist Action

Calgary Peace Congress

Canadian Peace Congress

Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

Action LA Network

Alba Social Movement – Ottawa


All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)

Alliance for Venezuela

American Party of Labor

Anti-Racist Action – L.A.

Anti-War Committee

apuche Nation Support Committee, Edmonton

Art without Border

Asian American Political Alliance / 1969 Third World Liberation Front Strikers

Australia Solidarity with Latin America



Baltimore Peace Action

Black Men’s Movement

Black Nation in Babylon-Germany

Black Workers for Justice

Border Peace Presence

Boston May Day Coalition

Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace (BACP)

Brujula Metropolitana (Mexico)

Buffalo Democratic Socialists of America


Calgary Anti-Racist Action

Calgary Peace Congress

Canadian Peace Congress

Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

Casa de Las Américas NY

Casalecchio di Reno (Italy)

Central America Solidarity Coalition of Racine and Kenosha

Centro Cultural Latinoamericano, York, Ontario, Canada

Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War

Charlotte Revolutionary Collective

Chicago ALBA Solidarity

Chicago Anti-war Coalition

Chicago Committee Against Militarism

Cleveland Peace Action

Coalición Fortaleza Latina Pennsylvania

Coalition for Justice


Collettivo La Classe (Italy)

Comité por la Libertad de Jorge Glas

Comite “Todos somos Venezuela” – Greece

Committee to Stop FBI Repression – New York (CSFR-NY)

Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism

Communist Party (Switzerland)

Communist Party of the DPR

Communist Party of Canada

Communist Party of North Carolina

Communiste Reconstruction Canada (Quebec)

Community Organizing Center, Columbus, OH, USA

Community Planet Foundation

Connecticut Peace and Solidarity Coalition

Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin (Germany)

Corvallis Chapter of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism

Corvallis Latin America Solidarity Committee

Cuba and the Bolivarian Alliance Issues Committee of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP)


Dare to Dream

December 12th Movement

Democracy TV Berlin

Deutscher Freidenker-Verband (Germany)


Ecumenical Peace Institute

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (newspaper)

Food Empowerment Project

Food Not Bombs, Newark, DE, USA

Four Lakes Green Party

Free States Movement

Freedom Socialist Party

Frente Antiimperialista Internacionalista (Madrid)

Fronte Popolare (Italy)

Fundacion de Trabajadores sociales Bolivariano Venezolanos, Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


Galway Alliance Against the War

Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

Greater Boston Chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts

Greater New Haven Peace Council

G-REBLS, New York, NY

Green Party of Philadelphia

Green Party US



Haïti Liberté

Hands Off Syria, SydneyHands Off Venezuela Campaign

Hilton Head for Peace

Houston Friends of Venezuela

Hugo Chavez International Foundation For Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCIF-PFS)

Hugo Chavez People’s Defense Front -Toronto


Ink People Center for the Arts

Institute for Tsunamic Justice

Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos (ICAP) – Cuba

International Association Against Torture

International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity

International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal

International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS)

International Migrants Alliance

International Support Haiti Network

IFCO/Pastors for Peace

IWW San Diego Local 13


Jersey City Peace Movement

Jordanian Communist Party JCP


Kama Health Alliance

Kâthe Kollwitz Peace Run, Belgium


LACSN – Latin American & Caribbean Solidarity Network

La Città Futura (Italian communist newspaper)

Labor Community Alliance of South Florida

Labor Fightback Network

Labor Today/Labor United for Class Struggle

Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing (LELO)


Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

Malcolm X Commemoration Committee

Malu Arts Project Inc.

Maryland-Cuba Friendship Coalition

Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Ministry of Peace (UK)

Minnesota Peace Action Coalition

Monmouth County Green Party

Monterey Peace and Justice Center

Mothers Against War Berlin-Brandenburg

MOVE Organization

Movement 4 Peoples’ Democracy

Movimiento Comunitario Alfa y Omega (Peru)

Movimiento Independiente de Trabajadores

Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Northern California



National Immigrant Solidarity Network

National Jericho Movement

National Women’s Caucus Of the Green Party of the United States

New Abolitionist Movement

New Jersey Peace Council

New Students for a Democratic Society

New York Boricua Resistance

New York University Students for Justice in Palestine

New York-New Jersey July 26 Coalition

Niagara Secular Humanists

Nicaragua Center for Community Action

No War Roma – Lista No NATO (Italy)

Nodutdol for Korean Community Development

North American Climate, Conservation and Environment

Northern Anti-Imperialist League

Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education

Nuevo Perú

NYC Shut It Down


Ohana Ho`opakele

Ohio Valley Peace

OMNI Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology


Ottawa Peace Council

OWS Special Projects Affinity Group


Pakistan USA Freedom Forum

Palestine Prisoners Society

Panthers For Black Feminism

Partei der Arbeit Basel (Switzerland)

Party of Communists USA

Peace Action of San Mateo County

Peace Action of Staten Island

Peace and Justice Group of Waldo County

Peace and Neutrality Alliance (Ireland)

Peace Fresno (CA)

La Peña del Bronx

People Against American Brutal Hegemony (Kenya)

People’s Organization for Progress (POP)

Peoples Power Assemblies NYC

Philippines-Bolivarian Venezuela Friendship Association

Philly-Camden Boricua Committee

Pittsburgh Anti-Imperialist League

Plataforma Ciudadana de Meliana en Defensa dels Serveis Públics

The Portland Alliance

Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC)

Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign

Popular Front (France)

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)

Popular Resistance

Potere al Popolo (Italy)

Potere al Popolo (Malaysia)


PRCF (Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France)

Project for the Study of American Militarism

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign

Public Awareness Education Programs – Sciences and Humanities

Puerto Rican Independence Party

Punks for Progress


Queens Abolition Collective


Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice

Reaching Out for Animal Rights (ROAR)

Red de intelectuales y Artistas en Defensa de la Humanidad, capitulo Guatemala

Red Fightback (England)

Refuge Ministries of Tampa Bay International

Rete No War (Italy)

Revolutionary Communist Group (England)

Right 2 Survive


Salvador Allende Spanish School, Inc. (Canada)

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

San Francisco Bay View, San Francisco, CA, USA

The Scottish Socialist Party

SI Solidarity Iran

Smedley D. Butler Brigade, Veterans For Peace Chap. 9, Boston, MA

Socialist Action

Socialist Labour Party (UK)

The Socialist Party (Zambia)

Socialist Party of Bangladesh

Socialist Party of Bangladesh (Marxist)

Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist)

St. Paul Yoga Center

St. Pete for Peace

Struggle for Socialism/La Lucha por Socialismo

Sud Press (Italy)

Suffolk Progressive Vision

Swedish Professors & Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR)

Sybil Journal


Task Force on the Americas

Tempi Post Moderni (Italy)

Tirem As Maos Da Venezuela (Portugal)

Tlaxcala Network

TLtC The Least of These Church – Justice & Peace Committee

Toronto Association for Peace & Solidarity

Tufts Labor Coalition


Union County (NJ) Peace Council

United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)

Unione Sindacale di Base (Italy)

United for Justice – Iran

Universal Zulu Nation

Upper Valley Transformational Action Affinity Group

URSAL – União das Republicas Socialistas da América Latina

USW Local 8751 Boston School Bus Drivers Union

U.S. Friends of the Soviet People

U.S. Peace Council

U.S. Women and Cuba Collaboration


Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba – VCSC (Canada)

Venezuela Ireland Network

Venezuela Peace and Solidarity Committee of Vancouver

Veterans For Peace

Veterans for Peace – Chapter 13

Veterans For Peace – Chapter 21 (Northern New Jersey)

Veterans For Peace – Chapter 35, Spokane

Veterans For Peace – Chapter 56, Humboldt Bay

Veterans For Peace – Chapter 71

Veterans for Peace – Chapter 92, Seattle

Veterans for Peace – Chapter 111

Veterans For Peace – Chicago

Victoria Friends of Cuba

Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice, & Equality

Vrede met Venezuela, Amsterdam

Wisconsin Network for Peace, Justice & Sustainability

Women for Peace and Justice in Iran

Women In Time Change History

Women Against Military Madness

Women Speak for a Sane World

Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom

Workers World Party

World Constitution and Parliament Association


Yes for Cuba Solidarity New York

Youth Fighting US Empire

Young Socialists League (Kenya)


Zimbabwe Labour Centre Working People’s College


(Organizations listed for identification only, unless organization also appears on endorsers list)

Maja Jakovi, Belgrade, Serbia

Reverend Aaron, Punks for Progress, USA

Elizabeth Aaronsohn, New Britain, CT

Mohsen Abacian

Erfan Abbasi, Germany

Steve Abbot, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Larry Abdullah, Kama Health Alliance, Chicago, IL, USA

Martin Abela, Zminijietna, Birgu, Malta

Leila Aboura, Algeria

Susan Abulhawa, author, USA

Ali Abutalebi, Chicago, IL, USA

Meredith Aby, Anti-War Committee, Minnesota

Grissel Acorta, Zulia, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Elizabeth Adams, Leverety, MA, USA

Paul Adams, United Kingdom

Sofia Adams, NYC, USA

Judith Ackerman, UFT, USA

Giovanni Acquati, Inzago, Italy

Ahmed Afifi, Switzerland

Hasan Afkar, Mashad, Islamic Republic of Iran

Pam Africa, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Philadelphia,

Raphael Agosto-Miranda, New York Boricua Resistance, NY, USA

Felipe Aguirre, Comite Pro Uno, Maywood, CA, USA

Madhu Ahrens, Isen, Germany

Hadi Akbarzadeh

Ali Reza Akhavan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Jamal Al Absy, Australia

Don Albares, San Diego, CA, USA

Debra Albers, Milwaukee, WI

Bear Albrecht, Veterans For Peace Chapter 63, NM, USA

Phyllis T. Albritton, Blacksburg, VA, USA

Alexey Albu, BOROTBA, Lugansk, Lugansk People’s Republic

Andrew (Andy) Alcock, Forestville, South Australia, Australia

               Jose Alfaro, Bronx, NY, USA

Mohammad Ali, United States

Ruqayya Ali, Imam Jamil Action Network, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Yasmine Ali, Harrisonburg, VA, USA

Vali Alizadeh, Islamic Republic of Iran

Gabriel Alkon, NYC

Bruce Allen, Canada

Diondrey Allen, Springfield,MA, USA

Matthew Allen, Japan

Susan Allen, Raleigh, NC

Rick Almada, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Mark Almberg, Chicago, IL, USA

Ferdinand Almodovar, New York, USA

Yara Alrafie, Amman, Jordan

Wayne Alt, Latin American Solidarity Committee, Buffalo, NY, USA

Jesus Alvarado, NJ, USA

Sapphire Ahmed, Fort Lee, NJ, USA

Ahmad Ahmadzadeh

Zuhair Al-Atwi, Berne, NY, USA

Charles Altman, Royal Oak, MI, USA

Thea Altman, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Mehdi Alvandi, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Giuseppe Ambrosio, Vibo Valentia, Italy

Bruno Amenero, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Ako Amin, Islamic Republic of Iran

Salem Amin

Nimrodh Ananth, India

Jens Andersen, Buffalo, NY, USA

Deborah C Anderson Esq., Washington, DC, USA

Elois Anderson, Rocky Mount, NC, USA

Gordon Anderson, Veterans For Peace, Arcata, CA, USA

Nkosi Anderson, NYC, NY, USA

Peppar Anderson, Malmo, Maimo,, Sweden

Philip Anderson, Veterans For Peace, Maple, WI, USA

SE Anderson, National Black Education Agenda, USA

Victor Anderson, Eagle Lake, FL, USA

Francesco Andreini, Partito Rifondazione Comunista, Sienna, Italy

Madasyn Andrews, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Charles Andriotakis, Salisbury, MA, USA

Vadim Andreychuk, Russia

Alex Anfruns, Journalist, Bruxelles, Belgium

Beth Angel, CT, USA

Susanna Angeleri, Potere al Popolo, Italy

Hristo Angelov, Pleven, Bulgaria

Ivan Angelov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Marilyn Andrus, Coboirg, ON, Canada

Tina Ann, Bolinas, CA, USA

Raul Anorve, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Thomas Answeeney, Buffalo NY

Daniel Antonini, PCRF, Boulogne Sur Mer, France

Fontana Antonio, Vincenza, Italy

Mark Apollo, OWS Special Projects Affinity Group, NYC, USA

Veronica Apodaca, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Alessio Arena, Fronte Popolare (Italy)

Jake Argue, Trooper, PA, USA

Beth Arnold, Atlanta, GA, USA

John Arnold, Moxee, WA, USA

Phyllis Arist, Evanstown, IL, USA

Adrianne Aron, School of the Americas Watch (SOAW), USA

Peter Aronson, Veterans For Peace, Eureka, CA, USA

Abdoalelaah Arraudi, Wilrjik, Antwerp, Belgium

Denise Arruda, Sherbrooke,  Quebec, Canada

Patrick Artur, Lambertville, New Jersey, USA

Antonio Artuso, Communiste Reconstruction Canada; Laval, Quebec, Canada

Akira Asada, Takarazuka, Japan

Amin Asadi, Tehran, Iran

Pezhman Asgari, Qom, Islamic Republic of Iran

Belladonna Ashman – Workers World Party; Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Mahdi Ashrafi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Aiern Askani, Philadelphia, PA

Amir Assadi, Germany

Simonetta Astigiano, Italy

John Atteridge, UCU Union,  London, UK

Clair Aubrey, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Daniel Auclair, Sainte Marie De Beauce, QC, Canada

Felix Auer, Balancan, Mexico

Georg Auernheimer, Traunstein, Germany

Rawya Aukal, Toronto,ON, Canada

Oriana Aular, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Thomas Austin, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Anderson Avila, APA,  Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Andrea Avila, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Joel Aviles, Spanaway, WA, USA

Khatib Awawda, NM, USA

Massimiliano Ay, Communist Party (Switzerland)

Randall Ayers, WA, USA

Bahman Azad, U.S. Peace Council; Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases

Kazem Azin, United for Justice – Iran

Ali Azizi, Islamic Republic of Iran  

Hoshang Azmoudeh, Orlando, FL, USA

Yuka Azuma, Live Peace Japan, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Jean Balls, Saint Clair Shores, MI, USA

Roger Baker, Fort Worth, TX, USA

Habib Babaei

Federico Bacchi, Italy

Kenneth Baer, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Lynne Bailey, Riverside, California, USA

Annette Bailey, Syracuse, New York, USA

Jean Bails – St. Clair Shores, MI, USA

Charity Baker, Crossville, TN, USA

Jack Baker, Brattleboro, VT, USA

Richard Nicholas Spencer Baker, Fronte Popolare, Italy

Thomas Baker, AFGJ, Mt. Prospect, IL, USA

Madi Baker-Flynn, New Zealand

Khosro Bagheri, Islamic Republic of Iran

Forough Bagherpour Zolmabadi, Germany

Lynne Bailey, Riverside, CA, USA

Jean Bails, Saint Clair Shores, MN

Jeffrey Bains, The Villages, FL, USA

Jocanda Baldo, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Natylie Baldwin, Concord, CA, USA

Edith Ballantyne, Switzerland

Janis Bams, USA

Michael Bankare, Enontekio, Lappi, Finland

Amber Banks, Accokeek, MD, USA

Angelo Baracca, Potere al Popolo!, Italy

Essie Baradar, San Jose, CA, USA

Ajamu Baraka, National Organizer, Black Alliance for Peace, USA

Angelo Barcellos, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Khaled Barakat, Palestinian writer, Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat

Mahdi Barazandeh, Mashhad, Islamic Republic of Iran

Magda Barba, Brujula Metropolitana, Mexico City, Mexico

Carlo Barbareschi, Italy

Rosemary Barbera, Philadelphia, PA

Enzo Bard, North Baldwin, NY, USA

Maria Bard, SOA Watch, Baldwin, NY, USA

Robert Bard, Easthampton, MA, USA

Eileen Bardel, Peace Action of Staten Island

Daniele Domenico Barillari, Italy

Brandon Barnard, Keedysville, MD, USA

Brenda Barnard, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, United Kingdom

David Barouh, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Mike Barr, Northern Anti-Imperialist League, Rockford, IL, USA

Dionicio Barrales, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Fr. Luis Barrios, Holyrood Church/Iglesia Santa Cruz, NYC, USA

Susan Barry, Durban, South Africa

Nicolå Barsoff, Buenos Aires, BA, Argentina

Noah Bartholomae, Heart of the Valley DSA, Corvallis, OR, USA

W.M. Bartee, Anchorage, AK, USA

Dave Bartlett, Veterans For Peace, IL, USA

Mohammad Barzegar, Islamic Republic of Iran

Joyce Banzhaf, Grass Valley, CA, USA

Pippa Bartolotti, Newport, Newport, UK

Cyan Bass, Portland, OR, USA

Ekkehard Basten, Germany

Sue Bastian, Bend, OR, USA

Roger Batchelder, San Diego, CA, USA

Patty Battaglio, Eagleville, PA, USA

Darren Battle, San Diego, CA, USA

Joanna Bauer, Hartford, CT, USA

Rudolph Bauer, Breman, Germany

Lindsey Baumeister, Glendale, AZ, USA

Mohammad Hossein Bayat, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mahmoud Bazrafkan, Rijnsburg, Netherlands

Marco Bazzani, Bologna, Italy

Iro Bazzanti, Milano, Italy

Jason Bean, Iowa City, IO, USA

John Beard, Gig Harbor, WA, USA

Michael Bearman, Paris, France

Missy Beattie, Writer, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Mary Beaudoin, Saint Paul, MN, USA

Judith Beaver, Sequim, WA, USA

Daniel Beck, Zurich, Switzerland

Andy Bedingfield, Metro Atlanta Democratic georgius L>J>Socialists of America; Decatur, GA, USA

Sjors/Georgius L.J. Beenker, Amerstdam Vredeslinitiatief, Amsterdam Noord Holland, Netherlands

Diane Beeny, Union County (NJ) Peace Council; Westfield, NJ, USA

Patricia Beetle, Castleton, NY, USA

Hamid Beheschti, Germany

Peter Behrrens, Trirste, Italy

Thomas Beilman, Salem OR, USA

Romina Beitseen, Australia

Mike Beilstein, Pacific Green Party, OR, USA

Said Belabed, Long Island, NY, USA

James Bell, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Linda Bell, Decatur, GA, USA

Judith Bello, United National Antiwar Coalition, NY

Rose Bellspring, Conway, AR, USA

Deborah Beltran, Dallas, TX, USA

Maria Margherita Beltrame, Carate, Italy

Pat Benabe, Lawrence, KS, USA

Stefano Benassi, Castelnovo ne’ Monti, Italy

Natalie Benelli, ALBA Suiza, Solothum, SO, Switzerland

Carolyn LaDelle Bennet, Rochester, NY, USA

Ed Bennett, Vancouver, WA, USA

Josh Benson, Englewood, NJ, USA

Russell Bentley, Ukraine Communist Party of the DPR

Mike Bento, NYC Shut it Down

Angelica Benton-Molina, Austin, TX, USA

Christopher Berckmans, Ottawa, OH, Canada

Arne Berends, Netherlands

Franco Bergamasco, Italy

Steven Berge, Antelope, CA, USA

Debra Bergen, New York, NY, USA

Diane Berger, Staten Island, NY, USA

Peter Berger, Switzerland

Louise Bergeron, Mouvement Raelien, Longueul, Quebec, Canada

Renald Bergeron, Saint-Sophie, QC, Canada

Stefan Bergström, Uppsala, Sweden

Sara Bernal Rutter, Art Without Borders, Vienna, Austria

Dulce Bergues, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Peter Berkowitz, Cambridge MA, USA

Mark Berman, Bethesda, MD, USA

Sara Bernal Rutter, Vienna, Austria, Art Without Border

Ascanio Bernardeschi, Pisa, Italy, Communist Refoundation Party

Iris Berndt, Germany

Jan Bernhardt, Bearsville, NY, USA

Sara Bernal Rutter, Vienna, Austria

Peter Berquis

Matteo Bertoni, New York City, NY, USA

Samuel Bertolini,Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Nicole Bertrand, Montreal, Canada

Ulrich Besemann, Franklinville, NY, USA

Matthew Bessette, Sarasota, FL, USA


Peter Betscher, Darmstadt, Germany

Moreno Biagioni, Rete Antirazzista Fiorentina, Italy

Dario Bianzani, Aruba

Thomas Bias, Labor Fightback Network, USA

Ines Biemmi, Milano, Milano, Italy

Maziar Bijani, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Stephanie Bilenko

Barbara Birkle, Germany

Martin Birkle, Germany

Dorothee Bister, Germany

Wolfgang Blach, Montreal, QC, Canada

Judy Black, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Jonathan Blackmon, Saint Cloud, MN, USA

Ana Maria Blanco Lage, Aachen, Germany

Jeff Blatnick, Billings, Montana, USA

Dana Bleckinger

Kathy Bloch, CA, USA

Elizabeth Block, Toronto, ON, Canada

Judith Block, Bronx, NY, USA

Jerry Bloomer, Burlington, IA, USA

Barbara Blong, CCDS, San Francisco, CA, USA

Adam Bojak, Buffalo DSA, Buffalo, NY, USA

Max Blumenthal, journalist, USA

Gabriel Bluteau, Montreal, QC, Canada

Alison Bodine, Mobilization Against War and Occupation-MAWO (Canada)

Peter Boehl, Germany

Davide Boffi, Fronte Popolare, Cinisello Balsamo, Italy

Diana Bohn, Nicaragua Center for Community Action, USA

Adam Bojak, Buffalo DSA, NY, USA

Max Bollock, Peace Action, Point Arena, CA, USA

Giulio Bombardieri, Switzerland

Giulio Bonali, Italy

David Bonilla

William Bonnar, The Scottish Socialist Party, Glasgow, Scotland

Ireo Bono, Savona, Italy

Deborah Boomhower, Albany, NY, USA

Florence Boos, Iowa City, IA, USA

Amaud Bordato, Bayonne, France

Luca Borsci, Manduria, Italy

Ruedi Bosshart, New York, USA

Edward Botchway, Greater Accra, Ghana

William Boteler, Silver Spring, MD, USA

Victor Botelho, Montreal-Nord, QC, Canada

Robert Boudrais, Montreal, QC, Canada

P.P. Bourque, Quebec City, QC, Canada

Jean Boustani, Bridgewater, MA, USA

Anne Bowers, NYC, USA

Anne Boylan, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Stephen Bradley, Greenfield, MA, USA

Luigino Bracci Roa, Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Nancy Bragg, Vancouver, BC,Canada

Charles Britz, Huntington, WV, USA

Gloria Brandman, UFTers to Stop the War,  Brooklyn, NY, USA

Russell Brandwein, Newton, MA, USA

Ivan Braun, Bronx, NY, USA

Volker Bräutigam, Germany

Teresa Bray, Lawrence, KS, USA

Peter Brecht, Germany

Adela Brent, Brisbane, Australia, Australia Solidarity with Latin America

Dennis Bricker, Iowa City, IA, USA

Elke Briese, Barnsel, Germany

Edward Briody, Brooklyn for Peace, NY, USA

Andrea Brooks, Winchendon, MA, USA

Keith Brooks, uft, nwu, Brooklyn,NY, USA

Tibby Brooks, NYC, USA

Jim Brown, Island Park, NY, USA

Emil Bruetsch, Germany

  1. K. Brussel, Urbana, IL, USA

Shari Bruun, Camas, WA, USA

Kim Bryan, Socialist Labour Party (UK)

Giulio Bonali, Fiorenzuola, Italy

Susanne Bosch, Germany

William Boteler, Silver Spring, MD, USA

Victor Botelho, Montreal, Canada

Robert Boudrias, Montreal, Canada

PP Bourque, Quebec, Canada

Francis Bowen, Weaverville, NC, USA

Anne Bowers – NYC, USA

Anne Boylon, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Jonathan Boyne – Honolulu, Hawaii

Vincenzo Brandi, No War Roma – Lisa No NATO, Roma, Italy

Jane Branicky, Buffalo DSA, NY, USA

Jean Braun, Cleveland, OH, USA

Manfred Braun, Germany

Daniel Brenner, Hillsborough, NC, USA

Margaret Breslau, Blacksburg, VA, USA

Frank A. Brincka, Sussex, NJ, USA

Antonie Brinkmann, Bremen, Germany

Eric Brill, Rolling Hills, CA, USA

Charles Britz, Huntington, WV, USA

Owen Broadhurst, Holyoke, MA, USA

Andrea Brooks, Winchendon, MA, USA

Keith Brooks, NWU, UFT, Brooklyn for Peace, USA

Daniel Brown, Rite of Strings (Australia)

Dave Brown

Jim Brown, Island Park, NY, USA

Meyer Brownstone, Toronto, Canada

Judy Bruno, Bronx, NY, USA

Joan Brunswick, Wynnewood, PA, USA

  1. K. Brussel, Urbana, IL, USA

Andres Bryant, Abbeville, France

Elise Bryant, Silver Spring, MD, USA

Lewis Bryant, Cambridge, MA, USA

Nancy Bryant, Bayonne, NJ, USA

Ron Brydges, St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

Sabine Buchmann-Mayer, Ravensburg, Germany

Patrick Buckley, New York, NY, USA

Mary Buchwald, Brooklyn for Peace, USA

Carolina Budrow, La Mirada, CA, USA

Victour Bue, West Jordan, UT, USA

Heinrich Buecker, Berlin, Germany, Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin

Donna Buell, Hawthome, CA, USA

Ramon Bultron, International Migrants Alliance, Hong Kong, China

Josh Bunting, Buffalo DSA, USA
Lauranell Burch, Durham, NC, USA

Arthur Burke, New Ipswich, NH, USA

Roger Burkhart, Rochester, NY, USA

Alex Burlini, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lionel Burman, United Kingdom

Dianne Burnham, Ohio Valley Peace Council, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Mark Burton, Denver Peace Council, Denver, CO, USA

Steve Burton, Kempston, United Kingdom

Paul Busch, St. Paul Yoga Center

Simeon Buss, Bremen, Germany

Wayne Bussell, Ocala, FL, USA

Marie Louise Bussiéres, Montréal, QC, Canada

David Butler, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Tammara Butler, Hercules, CA, USA

Ross Butz, Veterans for Peace, Birmingham, AL, USA

Seungsik Byeon, Goyang, Kyunggi, Republic of Korea

Charles Byrne, Wheaton, IL, USA

Shelley Byrne, Baltimore, MD, USA

Cecelia Byrnes, Bronx, NY, USA


Mehathab C, SUCI (I), India

Elvis Cabrales Rodriguez, Uribia, La Guajira, Colombia

Brian Cady, Boston, MA, USA

Ray Cage, Veterans For Peace, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Mike Caggiano, San Mateo, CA, USA

Trajan Cainaru, Buffalo, NY, USA

Mauro Caira, Italy

Rosalba Calabretta, Italy

Guiseppe Calabrese, Diano Arentino, Italy

Eric Calderone, NYC, NY, USA

Ximena Calanchina, Lugano, Switzerland

David Caligiuri, Buffalo DSA, NY, USA

Beth Call, Walla Walla, WA, USA

Victor Calle, Peruvian American Center, San Diego, CA, USA

Chico Callman, Right 2 Survive, Portland, OR, USA

William Camacaro, Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle New York, USA

Alessandro Camattari, Italy

Dario Cambiano, Turin, Italy

Lori Cameron, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Maurice Camey, Friends of the Congo, Washington, DC, USA

Nicko Camp, Scarborough, ME, USA

Christina Campbell, Bridgewater, CT, USA

Judith Campbell, Houston, TX, USA

Rachel Campbell, Syracuse, NY, USA

Therese Campbell, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Rocio Campos Angla, Guadalajara, Mexico

Michael Canney, Maine, USA

Shontae’ Cannon-Buckley, Buffalo NY, USA

Heather Caparoso, Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA

Gaia Capogna, Italy

Francesco Paolo Caputo, Rome, Italy

Lorenzo Canizares, Labor Community Alliance of South Florida, USA

Marco Carabini, Italy

Bonnie Caracciolo, March on the Pentagon, Boston, MA, USA

Randy Caravaggio, Victoria Friends of Cuba, Canada

Julio Cardenas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Raul Cardoso, ICAP, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Susan Carey, Whitestone, NY

Elena Carleo ,Franklinville, NC, USA

Kohn Carlo, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Juan Carlos, Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuado

David Carlson, Brighton, Massachusetts, USA

Francesco Caron

Kevin Caron, Atlanta, GA, USA

Ben Carroll, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Abby Carson, Middletown, MD, USA

Jens Carstensen, Die Linke Oberhausen, Oberhausen, Germany

Vera Caruso, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Alfonso Casal, American Party of Labor, Spring Grove, IL, USA

Albert Casale, New Milford, CT, USA

Elizabeth Case, Dorchester People for Peace, Boston, MA, USA

Armando Caserta, Italy

Judith Cashin Lerma, National Nurses United, San Antonio, TX, USA

Fulvio Casi, Milano, Italy

Sabine Caspar, Hamburg, Germany

Claudia Castangia, Italy

Jorge Castillo, San Francisco, CA, USA

Jose Castillo-Morales, Partido Nacional, Puerto Rico

Nelly Castro, Germany

Carlos Damasco Castro Femåndez, Mexico

Jacqueline Cataldo, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Dominic Catalan, Akron, OH, USA

Barbara Cataleto, Italy

John Catalinotto, NYC, USA

Joe Catron, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, NYC, USA

Gianfranco Cavalli, Partito Operaio e Popolare, Switzerland

Don Cavellini, Pitt County Coalition Against Racism, NC, USA

Andrea Jasmin Cazzaniga, Italy

Nicola Cazzola, Chauta Associazione, Rionero in Vulture, Italy

Anton Cebalo, NYC, USA

Manuel Cedeño-Berrueta, Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Randolph Cedotte, Buford, GA, USA

Cielo Celestina, Italy

Andrew Centunon Lazano, Movimiento Raeliano Peruano, Lima, Peru

Mario Cesari, Pennabilli, Italy

John Chadwick, Veterans For Peace, Bellingham, WA, USA

Jasmin Chang, Morin-Heights, QC, Canada

Nate Chase, Peoples Power Assemblies NYC, USA

Alejandro Chavez, South Pasadena, CA, USA

Kevin Chamberlin, Saco, ME, USA

Creighton Chandler, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Ward Chanley, Sicklerville, NJ, USA

Bruce Chapman, Bountiful, UT, USA

John Chapman, Wardensville, WV, USA

Mihail Chelu, ,CA, USA

Andre Chenet, France

Hossein Cheraghi, Lawyer, Hamadan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Claude Chevey, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Courtney Childs, Corvallis Chapter of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Corvallis, OR, USA

Edward Childs, UNITE-HERE Local 26, USA

Roberto Chinello, Italy

Jane Chischilly, Daingerfield, TX, USA

Insun Choe, Newton, MA, USA

Shahid Chohan, London, UK

Ito Choho, NYC, NY, USA

Jaecheol Choi, Seongnam, Gyunggi, Republic of Korea

Sung-Hee Choi, Seongnam, Gyunggi, Republic of Korea

Sungin Choi, Seoul, Sungbookgu, Republic of Korea

Luc Chouinard, RAELIEN, Quebec, Canada

Mobinul Hayder Chowdhury, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Socialist Party of Bangladesh (Marxist)

James Christner, Veterans for Peace, Le Roy, NY USA

Cathryn Chudy, Vancouver, WA, USA

Ed Ciaccio, Douglaston, NY, USA

Giorgio Cingolani, Pino Torinese, Italy

Richard Clemens, Victoria, B.C., Canada

Federico Crispoldi, Stroncone, Italy

James Christner, Veterans For Peace, Le Roy, NY, USA

Kathryn Christian, Grand Junction, CO, USA

George Ciccariello-Maher, The Hemispheric Institute

John-Bernard Ciesielski, Yorktown, NY, USA

Luigino Ciotti, Italy

Christopher Cisper, Fort Bragg, CA, USA

Craig Clark, The Church of the Good Shepherd, Fort Lee, NJ, USA

Eugene Clark, Frederick, MD, USA

Rachael Clark, Veterans for Peace, Weehawken, NJ, USA

Stan Clark, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Rita Clarke, Dallas, TX, USA

Gerard Clauzel

Frank Cleve, Attac, Dortmund, Germany

Nancy Clingan, Brattleboro, VT, USA

Jessica Coco, UNAC, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Claire M. Cohen, M.D., Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Dan Cohen, Journalist, USA

Sasha Colautti, Unione Sindacale di Base, Italy

Roger Cole, Peace and Neutrality Alliance, Dublin, Ireland

JB Coleman, Easley, SC, USA

Olivier Collard, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Franklin Callazo, San Jose, CA, USA

Vincent Colletti, Oneonta, NY

Clifford Collins, Vernon, BC, Canada

Francis Collins, San Francisco, CA, USA

James Collins, Queens, NY, USA

Lynn Comerford, California State University, East Bay, CA, USA

Gerry Condon, President, Board of Directors, Veterans For Peace, USA

El Coñodetumardre, New York , NY, USA

Nolan Converse, Spring Lake, MI, USA

Paolo Concetti, Athens, Greece

Donald Cook

Donald Corbett, Lake Loon, Nova Scotia, Canada

Elizabeth Cori-Jones, Gainesville, FL, USA

Sondra Cornejo, Temple City, CA, USA

Sandy Cornell, Moab, UT, USA

Gabriel Coronel, New York, NY, USA

Francesco Correale, France

Marinella Correggia, Rete No War, Torri in Sabina, Italy

Robert Corriher, North Carolina Green Party, Greensboro, NC, USA

Fabio Corvaglia, Ontario, Canada

Eugenio Cortinovis, Potere al Popolo, Bergamo, Italy

Carolina Cositore-Sitrin, Sarasota, FL, USA

Gil Costa, Germany

Nelson Magalhes Costa Filho, Såo Paulo SP, SP, Brazil

Karla Cote, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Gérard Couchoud, Palaiseau, France

Lyle Courtsal, Port Townsend, WA, USA

Michael Coutts, Rockville, MD, USA

Catherine Cox, Warrenville, IL, USA

Anne Craig, Asheville, NC, USA

Brenda Cranney, Ridgeway, ON, Canada

Amanda Crawford, Ireland

Jewel Crawford, Decatur, GA, USA

Sharon Crawford, Asheville, NC, USA

Allan Crawshaw, Retired UFCW, Canada

Scott Creighton, Tampa, Florida, USA

Richard Creswell, USA

Girolamo Criscenzo, Valencia, Spain

Matt Critelli, Piscataway, NJ, USA

Catherine Crockett, Monterey Peace and Justice Center, CA, USA

Jon Croteau, DC, USA

Antonio Cruz, Rio Tinto, Portugal

Tina Cruz, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Noemi Cuccuru, Pozzomaggiore, Italy

Juan Cuesta Barros, Belgium

Christal Cuevo, Chicago, IL, USA

Hugh Culley, Murray, UT, USA

Bill Cunningham, Cambridge, MA, USA

Marion Cunningham, NYC, NY, USA

Matthew Cunningham-Cook, Philadelphia PA, USA

The Most Rev. Filipe Cupertino Teixeira OFSJC, Diocese Saint Francis Of Assisi CCA, Brockton, MA, USA

Danilo Curci, Casa di Accoglienza Annamaria, Talita Kum, Italy

Raffaele Curcio, Italy

Christopher Currie, Pascoag, RI, USA

Helen Curtis, Spokane, WA, USA

Cheryl Curtiss, Northfield, CT, USA


Pedro Da Nobrega, Nice, France

Mario D’Acunto, Pisa, Italy

Patricia D’Agosta, Foley, AL, USA

Angelo D’angelo, Party of Communists USA, NY, USA

Domenico D’Eusanio, Pescara, Italy  

Katia D’Amato, France

Patricia Dahl, NYC, USA

Hussein Daghigh, Islamic Republic of Iran

Marge Dakouzlian, USA

Sandra Dal Cais, Sunnyside, NY, USA

Sholeh Dalai, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Russell Dale, NYC, USA

Suri Dalir, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dante Dallavalle, John Jay College Student, Bloomfield, NJ, USA

Lody Daniels, Netherlands

Rich Daniels, emeritus professor, Corvallis, OR

Petr Dann, Madison, WI, USA

Madisson Dashiell, Colville, WA, USA

Abdolreza Davari, Islamic Republic of Iran

Kent Davidsson, Weaverville, NC, USA

Nicolas J S Davies, CODEPINK, USA

Betty Davis, New Abolitionist Movement, USA

David Davis, Cross Border Network for Justice and Solidarity, USA

Eloisa Davis, Pensacola, FL, USA

Susan E. Davis, National Writers Union, UAW 1981, USA

Abbas Davoodi, Islamic Republic of Iran

John Day, Austin, TX, USA

John Debus, Port St. Lucie, FL, USA

Pierre Deburaux, Aigremont, France

Cosimo De Benedictis, Bruxelles, Belgium

Massimo de Franchi, Agrfor, Tuscania, Italy

Nicola De Giglio, Modugno, Italy

Nephtali De Leon, Chicano Poet, Author, Muralist Painter, San Antonio, TX

Isabel de Sena, Jackson Heights, NY, USA

Giovanni de Lucia, Italy

Luca De Marchi, Carrara, Italy

Giovanni De Sossi, Vibo Valentia, Italy

Robb de Vournai, Belmont, CA, USA

Jodi Dean, Professor, Geneva, NY, USA

Raymond Deane, Fürth, Germany

Rachel deAragon, NYC, USA

Joe Decesare, Franklin, TN, USA

H Reza Dehghan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Zahra Dehghani, Islamic Republic of Iran

Michela Del Pra’, Italy

Abdolreza Delavarpour, Islamic Republic of Iran

Sara DeLellis, Buffalo, NY, USA

Dominique Delhomme, France

Laura Dell’Antonio,  Tavarnelle V.P., Florence, Italy

Debra DeLong, Wausau, WI, USA

Peter DeLorenzo, Atlanta, GA, USA

Miriana Demas – NYC, USA

Hamid Derachshande, Berlin, Germany

Howard Derkson, Canada

Charles Edouard Desgrottes, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Alexander DeSha, Buffalo, NY, USA

Jacques Desjardins, Blainville, Quebec, Canada

George Desnoyers, Chicopee, MA, USA

Judith Detert-Moriarty, Janesville, WI, USA

Jacqui Deveneau, Green Party, Portland, ME, USA

Jason Devine, Calgary Anti-Racist Action, Canada

Ali Dezhpour, Rasht, Islamic Republic of Iran

Silvia Di Fonzo, Unione Sindacale di Base, Italy

Massimo Di Tomasso, Gijón, Spain

Luis Angel Diaz, Winter Park, FL, USA

Samael Diaz, La Vega, Dominican Republic

Irene Diaz-Reyes, Bronx, NY, USA

Zahra Dibadj, Caen, France

Debra Diegoli, Springfield, VT, USA

James Dier, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Ajamu Dillahunt, Black Workers for Justice, Raleigh, NC, USA

Gavin Dillard, Black Mountain, NC, USA

Bonnie Dineen, CA, US

Edward Dingilian, NYC, USA

Peggy Dobbins, Women in Time Change History, USA

Curtis Doebbler, international-lawyers.org, San Antonio, TX, USA

Todd Doherty, Rowe, NM, USA

Pete Dolack, writer, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Alina Dollat, France

Lejeune Raëlien Dominic, Quebec, Canada

John Donaldson, Canada

Jerome Donnelly, Winter Park, FL, USA

Alan Donohue, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, NY, USA

Kristin Dooley, Women Against Military Madness, USA

Roozbeh Dorneshan, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Frank Dorrel, Culver City, CA, USA

Holger Dorrenburg, Germany

Frédérique Dorsay, Quebec, Canada

Catherine Douaud Saget, Saffre, France

NW Douglas, Iowa City, Iowa

Beatrice Doulan, NYC, NY, USA

Cynthia Downey, Hustontown, PA, USA

Kristi Doyne-Bailey, Florida, USA

Sharyn Dreyer, Denver, CO, USA

John Dubosh, Dearborn, MI, USA

Tim Duda, San Antonio, TX, USA

Mary Lee Duff, Guilford CT, USA

Mary Dugan, All Souls Unitarian Church Peace & Justice Task Force, NYC, USA

Philippe Dumas, Neronde, France

Alain Dumont, France

Margaret Dunn, Madison, WI, USA

Matt Duran, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Stephen Durham, Freedom Socialist Party, NY, USA


John Earl, USA

Michael Earle, Washington, DC, USA

Nancy Eberg, Greater New Haven Peace Council, USA

Martha Eberle, Dripping Springs, TX, USA

Hamid Ebrahimi, Romania

Wellington Echegaray, Comité por la Libertad de Jorge Glas, Bronx, NY, USA

Carlos Echevarria, Inglewood, CA, USA

Chris Edstrom, Madera, CA, USA

Pieters Edwige, France

Cassandra Einstein, Switzerland

Steve Eklund, Sainas, CA, USA

Linda Elder, Nanoose, BC, Canada

Jeff Ellenberger, NYC, USA

Viedamour Elliott, Canada

Jan Ellis, Port Orchard, WA USA

Anam El-Jabali, Alsip, IL, USA

Daniel Ells, Brunswick, ME, USA

Murugan Elu, Westwood, NJ, USA

Saeed Emamee, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Howard Emerson, Trinidad, CA, USA

Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro, SUNY New Paltz, Ecosocialist Horizons, New Paltz, NY, USA

Islesias-Sousa Jose Enrique, Public Administration Worker, Punto Fijo, Falcón, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Julie Enslow, Peace Action Wisconsin, USA

Elinor Enz, Spokane, WA, USA

Sharon Eolis, New York, NY, USA

Susan Epstein, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Phillip Eredia, Chino, CA, USA

Chris Ernesto, St. Pete for Peace, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

Miguel Ervedosa, Portugal

Manuel Esparza, Oaxaca, Mexico

Jesús Antonio Espinosa, Cali, Valle, Colombia

Javier Espinoza, Latin American & Caribbean Solidarity Network, Toronto, ON, Canada

Edgar Esquivel, Orange, CA, USA

Gregory Esteve, Lake Wales, Florida, USA

Raymond Eurquhart, UE 150, USA

Charles Evans, New York, NY, USA

Jodie Evans, CODEPINK, Venice, CA, USA

Petros Evdokas, Cyprus

Vaclav Exner, Praha, Czech Republic


Nick F., G-REBLS, New York, NY, USA

Daniele Faccioli, Mozzecane, Verona, Italy

Mina Fakhriyan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mary Fagan, Brooklyn, NY

Richard Fairfield, Bonita Springs, FL, USA

David Fairn, Communist Party of Canada, Head of Jaddore, NS, Canada

Louise Falardeau, Gatineau, QC, Canada

Carlo Falsetti, Italy

Audrey Famette, Montpelier, VT, USA

Dr. Ernest Far, Germany

Seth Farber, PhD

Mahdi Muhammadi Fard, Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran

Niall Farrell, Galway Alliance Against the War, Galway, Ireland

Ali Fattahi, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Giorgio Fattori, Jesi, Italy

Scott Faya, Queen Anne, Maryland, USA

Andy Feeney, DSA, Washington, DC, USA

John Feeney, Tabernacle, NJ, USA

Gordon Fellman, Cambridge, MA, USA

Helmuth Fellner, Vienna, Austria

Art Felsinger, Tempe, AZ, USA

Dr. Gerhard Ferdinand, Germany

Austin Ferguson, Boring, Oregon, USA

Shizuka Ferguson, Linköping, Sweden

Heriberto Fernandez, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Marcello Ferrada de Noli, Swedish Professors and Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR), Stockholm, Sweden

Carla Ferrari, Ticino, Italy

Rachelina Ferrecchia, Melegnano, Italy

Sand Fessler, Rochester, NY, USA

Leslie Feuille, Washington, DC, USA

Emma Fiala, Saint Paul, MN, USA

Hector Figarella, Southampton, MA, USA

Miguel Figueroa, Canadian Peace Congress, Toronto, ON, Canada

Gerry Filas, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Orlando Oliveira Filho, Colombo, Paraná, Brazil

Amy Finnegan, Bethesda, MD, USA

Anabela Fino, Portugal

Ove Finndin, Göteborg, Sweden

Federico Fioranelli, Loreto, Italy

Matin Firouzabadi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Bazlur Rashid Firoz, Socialist Party of Bangladesh – SPB

Franz Fischer, Switzerland

Anita Fisicaro, Retenowar-Roma, Rome, Italy

Frank Fitzgerald, Chicago Committee Against Militarism, USA

Marie Fitzsimmons, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Taryn Fivek, International Action Center

Ed Flaherty, Iowa City, IA

Paul Flament, USA

Timothy Flanagan, Missoula, MT, USA, The Portland Alliance

Madeleine Fletcher, Silver Spring, MD, USA

Francesco Flora, Italy

Sarah Nevenka Flores, Geneva, Switzerland

Sara Flounders, International Action Center

Bobbie Flowers, NYC

Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance, Baltimore, MD, USA

Eno Flurry – Workers World Party; Austin, Texas, USA

Tim Flanagan, Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education, The Portland Alliance, Missoula, MT, USA

Tom Flynn, Bronx, NY, USA

Bobbie Flowers, NYC, USA

James Baimba Fofanah,  People’s Democratic League (PDL) – Freetown, Sierra Leone

Ann Fonfa, Delray Beach, FL, USA

Reese Forbes, Veterans For Peace, St. Louis, MO, USA

Mark Foreman, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Peter Förster, Germany

Sharon Fortunak, St. Paul, MN, USA

Richard Fouchaux, Canada

Stephen Fournier, Hartford, CT, USA

Mary Fox, Pleasant Valley, NY, USA

Eleanor Franchi, Italy

Daniel Francis, USA

Jane Franklin, Veterans For Peace, El Cerrito, CA, USA

Liliana Frascati, Padova, Italy

Rafael Franco-Cuevas, Early, TX, USA

Jane Franklin, El Cerrito, CA, USA, Veterans for Peace

MaryAnne Fratelli, Murrells Inlet, SC, USA

  1. Joseph Frau, Aruba

Ann Louise Frazier, Woodstock, NY, USA

Mike Frazier, Twin Falls, ID

René Frenette, Gatineau, QC, Canada

William Frenger, Spokane, WA, USA

Walter Friedmann, Bühl, Germany

Joseph Friendly, New York, NY, USA

Jody Fritzke

Joyce Frohn, Oshkosh, WI, USA

Pat Fry, NYC, NY, USA

Norma Frye, Norfolk, UK

Alejandro Fuentes, Tooele, UT, USA

Masaaki Fukunaga, Tokyo, Japan

Ronald Fujiyoshi, Ohana Ho`opakele

Andrew Funaro, Holden, Maine, USA

Ramiro Funez, ANTICONQUISTA, Los Angeles, USA

Rebecca Fusco, North Plainfield, NJ, USA

William Fusfield, Gaza Education Center for Poor Students and Orphans, PA, USA


Arna Gaby, Australia

Gisele Gagne, Canada

Laurent Gagneux, France

Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, Brunswick, ME, USA

Marcello Galbiati, Italy

Rob Galbraith, Buffalo, NY, USA

Michelle Gales, France

John Gallagher, United Kingdom

Vicky Gallas, Merritt Island, FL, USA

Kent Gallaway, Readstown, WI, USA

Giorgio Galleano, Italy

George Galloway, British Politician; Stop the War Coalition, London UK

Román Galenkin, Russia

Frederico Gama-Carvalho, Lisboa, Portugal

Braden Gammon, New York, NY, USA

Annemarie Gantenbein, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Siyam Ganjei, Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran

Jose Garcia, Grand Prairie, TX, USA

Juan Carlos Garcia, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Raphael Garcia, France

Maria Jesús Garcia, Avila, Ávila, Spain

Sandra Garcia, Trelew, Chubut, Argentina

Raimundo Garcia-Ramos, Alicante, Spain

José Armando García Sancio, San Francisco, CA, USA

Pierre Gareau, Montreal, QC, Canada

Rosanna Garreffa, Italy

Tanner Garren, Morrison, Colorado, USA

Dean Garrett, Austin, TX, USA

Lydia Garvey, Clinton, OK, USA

Nadine Gary, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Andre Gaumond, St-Damien, QC, Canada

Alain Gauthier, Quebec, QC, Canada

Joanne Gavin, Houston, TX, USA

Brian Gay, East Hampton, CT, USA

Carol Gay, NJ State Industrial Union Council, USA

Jodi Gellerman, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, USA

Filippo Gentili, Italy

Allard Georges-Henri, Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada

Svoboda Georgieva, Sofia, Bulgaria
Brad Geyer, Veterans For Peace; About Face; IWW, Madison, WI, USA

Moha Ghaf

Mahdad Ghasemian, Islamic Republic of Iran

javad ghassemabadi, Paris, France

Mohammad Amin Gholami, Babol, Islamic Republic of Iran

Bahador Gholizadeh, Rasht, Islamic Republic of Iran

Sakine Ghorbi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Provas Ghosh, General Secretary of SUCI(C)

Matteo Gianassi, Italy

Anne Gibbons, Bronx, NY, USA

Edward Gibney, St. John, Virgin Islands

Mark Giese, Racine, WI, USA

Jay Gilbert, Hastings on Hudson, NY, USA

John Gilbert, FLC-CGIL (Italy)

Peter Gilbert, Durham, NC

Lydia Gilligan, Washington, DC, USA

Steve Gillis, Financial Secretary, USW Local 8751, Boston, MA, USA

Daniel Gilman, Veterans For Peace, Seattle, WA, USA

Peter Gilmore, Pittsburgh, PA

Jack Gilroy, Veterans For Peace Binghamton, NY, USA

John Gingerich, Lexington, GA, USA

Greg Giorgio

Richard L Giovanoni, Morton Grove, IL, USA

Shelley Giovannangeli, Traverse City, MI, USA

Willie Girald, Puerto Rico

Rafael Giusti, Wellington, FL, USA

Guylaine Gladu, Quebec, QC, Canada

Charles Glaser, Groveport, Ohio, USA

Peter Glaser, Switzerland

Rochelle Glickman, Green Party, San Diego, CA, USA

Jill Godmilow, NYC, USA

Lynn Godmilow – Philadelphia, PA, USA

Colin Godwin, Sebastopol, CA, USA

Dr. Edgar Goell, Germany

T.F. Gogan, Veterans For Peace, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Frances Goff, Pasadena, CA, USA

Robert Gold, Charlotte, NC, USA

Tim Golden, Meredith, NH, USA

Matthias Goldschmidt, Partei der Arbeit Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Judy Goldstock, Glendale, CA, USA

Pablo Gomes, Alexandria, VA, USA

Flavio Goncalves, Tirem As Maos Da Venezuela, Amadora, Portugal

Daniela Gonzalez, Oaxaca, Mexico

Juan B Gonzalez, Holyoke, MA, USA

Maria Gabriela Gonzalez Urbaneja, Mexico City, Mexico

Drew Goodall, Australia

Marty Goodman, Socialist Action Local 100, NYC, NY, USA

Marcy Gordon, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Arnold Gore, Brooklyn for Peace, USA

Jean Gore, Boulder, CO, USA

Bonnie Gorman – Peace Action; Quincy, MA, USA

Peter Gose, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Peter Goselin, Hartford, CT, USA

Monika Gottwald, Friedensinitiative Gera, Gera, Germany

Ruth Gould-Goodman

Mary Gourdoux, El Paso, TX USA

Donna Grabow, Hilo, HI, USA

Susan Grant, Durham, United Kingdom

Shakira Graham, California, USA

Bonnie Graham-Reed, Arvada, CO, USA

Matías Graffinga, Göttingen, Germany

Pedro Granados, Canada

Richard Grassl

Jeannette Graulau, Bronx, NY, USA

Stefano Graziosi, Italy

Liza Green, Women’s Fightback Network, former AFSCME Local 3650 (Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers), USA

Linda Greene, Unionville, IN, USA

Patricia Greene, Upper Valley Transformational Action Affinity Group, Canaan, NH, USA

Robin Greenwood, Matlock, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Geraldine Gregg, New York, NY, USA

Rachel Greenwood, Haydenville, MA, USA

Mercy Grieco, Fresno, CA, USA

Mary Grimaldo, Garland, TX, USA

Margot Grindell, Canterbury, New Zealand

William Grosh, El Centro, CA, USA

Ben Grosscup, Greenfield, MA, USA

Chelsea Grossman, Allston, MA, USA

Michael Gruber

Dr. Joachim Gruber – acamedia.info; Ankershagen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Dr. Rainer Gruber, Munich, Germany

Babette Grunow, Latin America Solidarity Committee – Milwaukee, USA

Erin Gubelman, Seattle, WA, USA

Saverio Gueli, Italy

Ingrid Guerci, White Plains, NY, USA

George Guerci, White Plains, NY, USA

Jamie Guerin, Northampton, MA, USA

Eduardo Guevara, Rio Grande, Mexico

Mario Guevara, San Salvador, El Salvador

Pedro Guevara, Gto, Guanaguato, Mexico

Christine Gugel, Germany

Garrett Guidinger, North Chelmsford, MA, USA

Joachim Guilliard, Forum against Militarism and War, Heidelberg, Germany

Dean Gunderson, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Trudi Gunia, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Peter Gunther, Chicago, IL, USA

Julianne Gustafson-Lira, Peace and Justice for Palestine, Houston, TX, USA

Johnny Guthman, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Lois Guthrie, Warren, Ohio, USA

Bernardo Gutierrez, Italy

Teresa Gutierrez, Fight for Im/migrants and Refugees Everywhere (FIRE)

Prof. Andrew Paul Gutierrez – Kensington, CA, USA

Elizabeth Guthrie, Webster, NY, USA

Marta Guttenberg

Margaret Guttshall, Dearborn, MI, USA


Hes Ha, Islamic Republic of Iran

Connie Haack, White Plains, NY, USA

Evelyn Haas, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Ann Hackeling, Ellicott City, MD, USA

Joan Hackeling, Santa Monica, CA, USA

Paula Hackeling, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Alan Haggard, San Diego, CA, USA

Bart Haggin, Spokane, WA, USA

Abbas Hajihashemy, Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran

David Halpin FRCS, Newton Abbot, Devon  Britain

Fateme Hajheydari, Islamic Republic of Iran

Shapoor Hajimohammadi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Jongeun Ham, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Sheila Hamanaka, NYC, USA

Gundolf Hambrock, Frankfurt, Germany

Mark Hamlin, Spokane Valley, WA, USA

Nanna Hamfler, Büdingen, Hessen, Germany

Lawrence Hamm, Chair of Peoples Organization for Progress (POP)

Frank Hammer, Detroit, MI, USA

Eleanor Hancock, Washington, DC

Joseph Hancock, Labor Today/Labor United for Class Struggle; Los Angeles, CA, USA

Olga Handjal, Trieste, Italy

Hedda Haning, Charleston, WV, USA

Vangelis Gonatas (Βαγγέλης Γονατάς), Comite “Todos somos Venezuela” – Greece

Henriette Hanke Güttinger, Switzerland

Jeannette Hanna

Jeannette Hanna, Sacramento, CA, USA

Marcus Christian Hansen

Tamara Hansen, Communities in Solidarity with Cuba – VCSC (Canada)

Tanweerul Haq, Tully, NY, USA

Anya Harjung, Food Not Bombs, Newark, DE, USA

Roger Harkness, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Amy Harlib, NYC, USA

Wolfgang Harland, Hamburg, Germany

Amy Harlib, New York., NY, USA

Susan Harman, Oakland, CA, USA

Jill Harmer, Louisville, KY, USA

Steven Harrington, Middletown Springs, Vermont, USA

David Harris, Veterans For Peace, Del Mar, CA, USA

Roger Harris, Task Force on the Americas, Corte Madera, CA, USA

Sue Harris, Jersey City NJ, USA

Niels Harrit, Dragoer, Denmark

Rick Hart, Woodland Park, CO, USA

Klaus Hartmann, German Freethinkers Association, Offenbach, Germany

Oldoz Hashemi, Vancouver, CA

Mostafa Hasheminasab

Conor Hatch, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Marion Hatwell, London, United Kingdom

John Hauf, CA, USA

Timothy Havel, Boston, MA, USA

Katherine Hawkins, Peacemakers of Schoharie County

Savannah Hawkins, Chicago, IL, USA

Azumi Hayakawa, Japan

Pamela Hayes, Loveland, CO, USA

Tengku Ahmad Hazri, Malaysia

Mark Heald, Pleasant Hill, TN, USA

Cordis Heard, Chicago, IL, USA

Mike Hearington, Veterans For Peace, TN, USA

Rainer Hecht, Germany

John Heckenlively, Racine, WI, USA

Chris Hedges, Writer, Princeton, NJ, USA

Mona Hegarty, Sarasota, FL, USA

Mike Heichman, Green-Rainbow Party of MA

Andrew Heil, Durham, NC, USA

Christopher Helali, Vershire, VT, USA

Ana Helebrandt, Brazil

Linda Helland, Ukiah, CA, USA

June and Ed Hemmingson, Albany Peace Seekers, OR, USA

David Hempel, Veterans For Peace #161, Iowa City, IA, USA

Joshua Henderson, Springfield, MO, USA

  1. Hendra, Duncan, BC, Canada

Martha Hennessy, USA

Ian Henshall, United Kingdom

Robert Hepburn, Veterans For Peace Humboldt Chapter 56, CA, USA

Corine Heraud, France

Jack Herbert, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC), USA

Eve Herbst, Savannah, GA, USA

Thomas Hereford, New Haven, MO, USA

Lon Herman, Ferndale, MI, USA

Eric Hermann, Raleigh, NC, USA

Volker Hermsdorf, Hamburg, Germany

Kathleen Hernandez, Veterans For Peace Los Angeles, USA

Mario Hernandez, Coordinadora de Medios de la Caba (COMECI), Argentina

Ariel Heron, Anchorage, AK, USA

Daniel Heroux, Composer, Montreal, QC, Canada

Jorge Herrera, Student from The Learning Conexión, Wellington, New Zealand

Rémy Herrera, writer, Paris

Neil Herring, Sebastopol, CA, USA

Priscilla Herrington, Ipswich, MA, USA

Martin Herrmann, Switzerland

Colin Hesketh, El Arish, Australia

Majid Heydari, Islamic Republic of Iran

Harriet Heywood, Trade Justice Alliance, Homosassa, FL, USA

Tim Hickey, CPUSA, Bensenville, IL, USA

Holis Higgins, Veterans For Peace Chapter 35, Spokane, WA USA

Edwin Hiley, Athens, PA, USA

Ingrid S. Hill, Corresponding Secretary/Vice-Chair of Internal Affairs, People’s Organization for Progress

Marilyn Hill, Big Sky, MT, USA

Jerry Hills, WI, USA, Peace Action of Wisconsin

Jan Hillegas, Jackson, MS, USA

Misty Hillin, Austin, Texas, USA

Percy Hilo, Seattle, WA, USA

James Hinde, El Paso, TX, USA

Alexis Hinojosa, Oslo, Norway

Laura Hinz, Burlingame, CA, USA

John Hirtle, Lexington, MA, USA

Ana Hitri, Westport, CT, USA

Ryan Hoaglund, Standford, CA, USA

Kaitlyn Hobbs, Munster, Indiana, USA

Marc Hoenig, USA

Irwin Hoenig, Laurel, MD, USA

Stefan Hofer, Basel, Switzerland

Joan Hoff, Big Sky, MT, USA

Shane Hoff, Alameda, CA, USA

Luis Hoffer, Glendale, CA, USA

Frances Hoffman, DeForest, WI, USA

Jeff Hoffman, Cecina, Italy

Herbert Hoffman – Central New Mexico Chapter of PDA; Albuquerque, NM, USA

Madelyn Hoffman, NJ Peace Counci

Juergen Hoffmann, Hannover, Germany

Susan Hoffmann, Hannover, Germany

Hartmut Hofmeister, Muenster, Germany

Kurt Hofstetter, Switzerland

Patricia Hoge, Niwot, CO, USA

Matthew Hoh, Falls Church, VA, USA

Steve Holden, Hastings, United Kingdom

ABear Holhut, New York, NY, USA

Peggy Holmes’s, Pinole, Ca, USA

Guy Hollyday, Baltimore, MD, USA

David Holstrom, Harbor City, CA, USA

William Hood, United Kingdom

Simon Hong, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Stephen Hooton, Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Wolf-Dietrich Hoppe, Chemnitz, Sachsen, Germany

Pamela Horowitz, Hadley, MA, USA

Shel Horowitz, Hadley, MA, USA

Christoph Hörstel, Germany

Jessica Hortencia, Lima, Peru

Hitsch Hostettler, Germany

Lorien House, Tijeras, NM, USA

Michelle Houston, Buck Creek, Alberta, Canada

Muir Houston, Paisley, United Kingdom

Andrea Houtman, Green Party, West Covina, CA, USA

Cynthia Howard, Biddeford, ME, USA

Christina Huegli, Switzerland

Maricruz Huerta-Edinger, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Barbara Humphrey, Savannah, GA, USA

Andrew Hunt, USA

Doran Hunter, Buckeye, AZ, USA

Jonathon Hurd, Seattle, WA, USA

Arthur Hynes, 350Vermont.org, USA

Patricia Hynes, Montague, MA, USA

Dietrich Hyprath, Sant Josep, Spain


Ayman Idrees, Sayreville, NJ, USA

Samuel Iembo, Central Committee Communist Party (Switzerland)

Carmela Ieroianni, Milano, Italy

Tits Ieroianni, Faenza, Emilia, Italy

Randall Imada, Honolulu, HI, USA

Andrew Incognito, Conway, SC, USA

Linda Ingaldson, Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin, USA

Hep Ingham, San Francisco, CA, USA

Kimiko Inui, Japan

Ivano Iogna Prat, Amistad Luxemburgo-Cuba, Luxemburg

Alexander Ionov, Moscow, Russia

Saeed Iqbal, Arlington, TX, USA

Hupfer Irene, Switzerland

Pam Irvin, Atlanta, GA, USA

Andrew Irving, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ronald Isaac, Silver Spring, MD, USA

Salvador Isidro Romero, Jalisco, Mexico

Matthew Iskra, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mohammed Islami (محمد رضا اسلامی), Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mindy Isser, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Kim Ives, Journalist, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Shobhna Iyer, New Delhi, India

Foad Izadi, University of Tehran, Iran


Louise Jacob, Boscawen, NH, USA

William Jacobi, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Ron Jacobs, Burlington, VT, USA

David Jacobsen, Edinburgh, Scotland

Desjardins Jacques, Blainville, Quebo, Canada

Dr. R. Heather Jaffan

Carol Jagiello, Bloomingdale, NJ, USA

Beverly Jahn, Denver, CO, USA

Joseph Jamison, U.S. Peace Council, Bayside, NY, USA

Desjardins Jacques, Blainville, QC, Canada

Laura Jaffee, Syracuse, NY, USA

Younghun Jang, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Christine Jarnot, Münster, Germany

Victor Jasin, London, ON, Canada

Ananth Jayakumar, India

Nader Jean-Claude, Longueuil, Québec, Canada

David Jeang, Rockville, MD, USA

Jee Byung Geun, Dea Jyun, Sin Hung Dong, Republic of Korea

Jee F Sallesius, Dea Jyun, Sin Hung Dong, Republic of Korea


T Jeffries, Bend, OR, USA

Connie Jenkins, East Blue Hill, Maine, USA

Vyonne Jenks, Pocatello, ID, USA

Bonnie Jensen

Junhee Jeon, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Haeung Jeong, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Uwe Jetter, Germany

Dr. Munir Jirmanus, Medford, MA, USA

Geraud Jocelyne, Les Avirons, Réunion

Stefan Jochem, Germany

Katharina Johanson, Berlin, Germany

Eric Johansson, Veterans For Peace, San Pablo, CA, USA

Atlantis Johnson, Robstown, TX, USA

Dale Johnson, Barva de Heredia, Costa Rica

Leslie Johnson, St Petersburg, FL, USA

Phoenix Johnson, Veterans For Peace – Chapter 92, Seattle, WA, USA

Reginald Johnson, Bridgeport, CT, USA

Sina Jon

Dawn Jones, Wellman, IA, USA

Dwain Jones, Riverside, CA, USA

Jeremy Jones, Seattle, WA, USA

Irving Jones, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Tod Jones, Eugene, OR, USA

Lois Jordan, Tucson, AZ, USA

Nathan Jordan, Prairieville, LA, USA

Nicole Joseph, Somerville, MA, USA

Strickland Ernest Joseph, Rosedale, NY, USA

Alicia Jrapko, International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity, Oakland, CA, USA

Andre Julien, Canada

Kijin Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Wilma Jung, Switzerland

Paul Jurczak, Boise, ID, USA


Mboob Kahn, Stockholm, Sweden

Chris Kaihatsu, RedMarx, Chicago, IL, USA

Chris Kaihatsu, RedMarx, Chicago, IL, USA

Hellmuth Kaiser, Nürnberg, Germany

Mwala Kalaluka, The Socialist Party (Zambia), Lusaka, Zambia

Kwame Osagyefo Kalimara, NAPO/MXGM, Lithonia, GA, USA

Sofia Kanavle, Long Beach, CA, USA

Claudia Karas, Germany

Ingrid Karfich, Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Mehdi Kariman, student, Bojnord, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mahdi Karimi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Ingrid Karfich, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Frigga Karl, France

Lulwa Kassawat, Canada

Stanley Kaster, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Charlotte Kates, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

Walda Katz-Fishman, Bethesda, MD, USA

Chuck Kaufman, Alliance for Global Justice

Michael Kaufman, Oakland, CA, USA

Tarak Kauff, Veterans For Peace, Woodstock, NY, USA

Elizabeth Kauffman, Buffalo, NY, USA

Arn Kawano, Moraga, CA, USA

Behzad Kazemi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Richard Kedie, Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Beomseok Kee, Gwangsangu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea

Robert Keilbach, Veterans For Peace – NYC Chapter 34, NYC, NY, USA

Jonathan Keller, NYC, NY USA

David Kelley, USA

Joan Kelly, Sacramento, CA, USA

Joe Kelly, Toronto, ON, Canada

Marie Elaine Kelly, Springfield, PA, USA

Ted Kelly, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Sam Kepfield, Hutchinson, Kansas, USA

Isaac Kendrick, Happy Valley, OR, USA

Jonathan Kennedy, Hamilton, ON, Canada

William Kennedy, Fillmore, NY, USA

Phillipe Kenny, Olympia, WA, USA

Stack Kenny, Asheville, NC, USA

Marshall Keraly, Spokane Valley, WA, USA

Paul Kerman, Warren, MI, USA

John Kesich, Venice, FL, USA
Armon Ketchum, Veterans For Peace, Upper Lake, CA, USA

Laurie Ketzenberg, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Rahman Khan, Evanston, IL, USA

Ebrahim Khademi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Tom Khoury, Laurel, MD, USA

Saeed Kia, Islamic Republic of Iran

Alex Kies, St. Paul, MN, USA

Bumhyun Kim, Korea

Hyun Kim, Po Hyung, Kung Buk, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Rev. Tong-Kyun Kim, The Least of These Church (Progressive Korean Church)

Haesook Kim, Republic of Korea

Gearoid Kilgallen, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

Joan Kincaid, Sea Cliff, NY, USA

Elaine Marie Kinch, Central America Solidarity Coalition

Laurie and Dave King, Climate Jobs PDX, USA

Andrew King, Roxbury, MA, USA

Cory Kinservik, Utah, USA

Jimmy Kintzele, USA

Christopher Kipp, Port Charlotte, FL, USA

Stevan Kirschbaum, V.P., United Steelworkers, Local 8751,

Boston School Bus Union, Boston, MA USA

Ellen Kirshbaum, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Barry Kissin, Frederick, MD, USA

James Klein, Corpus Christi, TX, USA

Candace Kline, Denver, CO, USA

Sigrid Klose-Schlesier, IPPNW, Hamburg, Germany

Dirk Kluwig, Köln, Germany

Heiner Knebel, Germany


Dae Yoeng Ko, Pyengtaek, kyounggido, Republic of Korea

Gibok Ko, Yongin, Gyenggi, Republic of Korea

Charles Koch, Lebanon, OR, USA

Johan Koeslag, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Nancy Kogel, Reaching Out for Animal Rights (ROAR), NY, USA

Carlos Kohan, USA

Ha Kohen, SeoungNam, GeoungGi Prov., Republic of Korea

Kenneth Kohler, Veterans For Peace, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Alois Kolar, Piran, Slovenia

Michael Kolassa, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Robert Kolkebeck, Park Forest, IL, USA

Kim E. Koo, Rocky Mount Racial Justice Group, USA

Joseph Kopnitsky,Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Richard Koritz, Greensboro, NC, USA

Andrew Korn, Rochester, NY, USA

Jan Körner, Berlin, Germany

Margaret Koster, Willits, CA, USA

Daniel Kovalik, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Jakob Kovar, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Gerhard Kowarz, Austria

Michael Kragh Rosenkilde, Hvidovre, Denmark

Michael Kramer, President of Veterans For Peace Chapter 21, New Jersey, USA

Richenda Kramer, Granny Peace Brigade; Peace Action Staten Island, Staten Island, NY, USA

Jon Krampner, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Martha Kransdorf, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Joshua Kraushaar, New York, NY, USA

Paul Krehbiel, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Steve Krevisky, CT Peace and Solidarity Coalition, Middletown, CT, USA

Joshua Kricker, Pittsboro, NC, USA

Juli Kring, Houston, TX, USA

Monty Kroopkin, IWW San Diego Local 13, San Diego, CA, USA

Monika Krotter-Hartmann, Deutscher Freidenker-Verband, Offenbach am Main, Germany

Gernot Krüger, France

Ralf Krueger, Germany

Paul Krumm, Kanopolis, Kansas, USA

Vladislav Kubrinets, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia

Guillermo Kuhl, Cumming, GA, USA

Mike Kuhlenbeck, National Writers Union UAW Local 1981/AFL-CIO, USA

Eckart Kühne, Chemnitz, Germany

Nina Kukolj, Burlington, VT, USA

Edin Kulelija, Australia

Yung Kulu, Mesa, AZ, USA

Peter Kuttner, Chicago, IL, USA

Soonnam Kweon, Daegu, Republic of Korea

Philip Kwik, Hamtramk, MI, USA

Ozoon Kwon, Chuncheon, Kangwon, Republic of Korea


Cheryl LaBash, Struggle for Socialism/La Lucha por Socialismo

Titta Labonìa, Italy

Rex Labrie, Quebec, Canada

Alberto Lacchia, Popular Front (France)

Ana Lachelier, West Hartford, CT, USA

Philippe Ladagnous, France

Marcia Ladendorff, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Helene Lafleche, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada

Michele Laforce

Cassia Laham, POWIR, FL

Zumri Mohammed Lahardeen, Kandy, Central, Sri Lanka

Yvonne Lalyre, Boston, MA, USA

Michael Laird, NYC, USA

Andrew La Mar, San Diego, CA, USA

Giuseppe Lamartina, Italy

Emanuele Lancelli, Crema, Cremona, Italy

Vic Lancia, Middletown, CT, USA

Patrizia Landi, Italy

Ron Lane, Philadelpia, Pa, USA

Mick Lanza, Alpignano, Italy

Barbara Larcom, Baltimore, MD, USA, Casa Baltimore/Limay

Matin Lasemi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Elisabeth Lauck-Ndayi, Germany

Trella Laughlin, Eureka Springs, AR, USA

Anne Lamb, National Jericho Movement, USA

Michael Lane, France

Clem Laniewski, Englewood, FL, USA

Mick Lanza, Alpignano, Italy

Paul Larkin

Dona LaSchiava, Tucson, AZ, USA

Cecelia Lavan, New Rochelle, NY, USA

Michael Latona, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA

Susan Lauchlan, Waldo, ME, USA

Veronica Lavarello, Tecate, California, USA

Maria Luiza Lavenère, Brazil

David Lawrence, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Andrew Lawson

Christie Lawson, High point, North Carolina, USA

Dwight Lawton, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

Christopher Lay, Hartford, CT, USA

Nat Lazakis, Durham, NC, USA

Nydia Leaf, NYC

Juliette Leak, NYC, NY, USA

Gayle Lebans, Canada

Mary Lebert, Brighton, MI, USA

Marielle Lebeuf, Montreal, QC, Canada

Steve Lebeuf, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Rene Lechleiter, ALBA-Suiza, Switzerland

Jan Leder, Warsaw, Poland

Eun Hee Lee, Junggu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Eunjoo Lee, R.P.V., CA, USA

Kenneth Lee, Tuscon, AZ, USA

Kyuwon Lee, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Luke Lee, New York City, NY, USA

Paul Lee, Namyangju, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea

Paul Lee, Independent Filmmaker, Film Producer, Curator, Canada

Virginia Lee, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Björgvin Leifsson, Iceland

Albert Leger, Coop Antiwar Cafe, Berlin, Germany

Dale Lehman, Chicago, IL, USA

Ed Lehman, Canada Regina Peace Council

Donald Leich, New Jersey Peace Action, USA

Dominic Lejeune Raëlien, Montréal, QC, Canada

Chris LeMay, Veterans For Peace, GA, USA

Meghan Lemay, Seekonk, MA, USA

Chana Lemetayer, Montreal, QC, Canada

Françoise Lemoine, France

Paul Lenart, Reno, NV, USA

Cecile Leneman, Berkeley, CA, USA

Judith Cashin Lerma, RNC MSN CCM with National Nurses United/National Nurses

Organizing Committee

Paul Lerman, Wyncote, PA, USA

Albert Lerner, Laredo, TX, USA

Marc Letourneau, San Pedro, CA, USA

Tammy Lettieri, Coconut Creek, FL, USA

Alice Leuchtag, Kerville, TX, USA

Richard Leuchtag, Kerville, TX, USA

Gidon Levenbach, Rohnert Park, CA USA

Sid Levin, MA, USA

Julie Levine, Topanga Peace Alliance, MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles,

Topanga, CA, USA

Marty Levine, Golden, CO, USA

Kevin Leys, United Kingdom

Dakotah Lilly, SYNA, USA

Dave Lindblom, My. Pleasant, Utah, USA

Michael Lindley, Veterans For Peace, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Kevin Lindemann, Winfield, IL, USA

  1. A. Linden, Columbus, OH, USA

Dany Lindenbacher, Germany

Philip Linder, Instructor of Anthropology at Universities, Indianapolis, IN

Regina Lindermayr, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Thomas Lindlein, Coburg, Germany

Maureen Lindsay, Keighley, West Yorkshire, Aruba

Fulvio Lipari, Fronte Popolare, Vimodrone, Italy

Josh Link, Columbus, OH, USA

Lorraine Liriano, A Call to Action on Puerto Rico, NYC, USA

Christopher Lish, San Rafael, CA, USA

Diana Little, USA

Melanie Liu, Palo Alto, California, USA

Steve Livingston, Chicago Anti-War Coalition, USA

Emma Livingstone, Fresno, CA, USA

Andrew Logan, Wildwood, FL, USA

Jonothan Logan, NYC, USA

Philip Lom, West Hartford, CT, USA

Nate Lomba, Eureka, CA, USA

Joe Lombardo, United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)

Al Long, Norfolk, VA, USA

Rev John Long, Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, NY, USA

Ned Long, USA

Mark Looney, Averill Park, NY, USA

Prof. Ana M. Lopez, Humanities Dept of Hostos Community College-Latin American and Caribbean Studies Unit​ and Frente Independentista Boricua (Puerto Rican Diaspora)

Eliud Lopez, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Gisela Lopez, Chicago Cuba Coalition, USA

Robin Lorentzen, Caldwell, ID, USA

Joel Lorimer, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Tamara Lorincz, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Canada

Bradley Lorton, Central Indiana DSA, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Dr. Manfried Lotze, IPPNW, Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Manfred Lotze, Hamburg, Germany

Victoria Loudis, Douglaston, NY, USA

Jim Loveland, Gulfport, FL, USA

Franco Lovisolo, Monacalieri, Italy

Ann-Margret Lovling, Sweden

Patsy Lowe, Simi Valley, CA, USA

Zigi Lowenberg, National Writers Union, USA

Henry Lowendorf, Greater New Haven Peace Council, New Haven, CT, USA

Salvatore Lucchesi, Italy

Thomas Luce, Berkeley, CA, USA

Alexandra Lucero Granadino, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Avi Luna, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Henry Luna, NYC Shut It Down, Bronx, NY, USA

Luke Lundemo, Houston, TX, USA

Simona Lungu, Faule, Italy

HOC LY, New York City, NY, USA

E Lynk, NY, USA

Sean Lyons, Glens Falls, New York, USA

Tuss Marie Lysén, Malmö, Sweden

Denise Lytle, Fords, NJ, USA


Juan M, Charlotte, NC, USA

  1. M., Ilam, Islamic Republic of Iran

Anna Maccagni, Locate di Triulzi, Italy

Peter Machado, Boyce, Virginia, USA

Melvin Mackey, Vashon, Washington

Jeff Mackler, Socialist Action; Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Northern California

Vic Macks, St. Clair Shore, MI, USA

Eleanor MacLellan, Cambridge, MA, USA

Navid Madani, Germany

Le Boêtté Madeleine, El Salvador

Nomusa Mokgadi Maeko, South Africa

Melvin Mackey, Vashon, WA, USA

Badralsadat Madani, Spartanburg, SC, USA

Kenny Madden, Berea, Kentucky, USA

Michael Madron, Veterans for Peace, Kennett Square, PA, USA

Letort Mael, France

Ruben Maessen, Delfgauw, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Alexis Maestre-Saborit, Ft Myers, Florida, USA

Ruggero Maffione, Italy

Conor Magahy, Ireland

Michael Magee, Frome Stop War, United Kingdom

Marco Maggiori, Italy

John Maguire, Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Riad Mahayni, North Chesterfield, VA, USA

Abolfazl Mahdaavi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Milad Mahmodian, Islamic Republic of Iran

James Mahoney, Columbia, Indiana, USA

Mohammad Mahout, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Alex Majumder, International Action Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Mzwakhe Makhalemele, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Sajjad Makvandi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Jerry Malamud, San Diego, Ca., USA

Jeanine Maland, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Raquel Malcolm, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Maxime Malecki, NANTES, France

John Malley, Youngstown, Ohio, USA

Frank Malone, Australian Venezuelan Solidarity Network, Brisbane, Queensland Australia Lawrence N Malu, Malu Arts Project Inc., Jamaica, NY, USA

Roberto Mamone, Italy

Roberto Mancini, Viterbo, Italy

William Mancini, USA

Elisabeth Manning, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Dorotea Manuela, Dorchester, MA, USA

Dave Manoulian, Florida, USA

Han Mansoo, SeongNam, BunDang, Republic of Korea

James Manuwai, Pahoa, Hawaii, USA

Nicoletta Manuzzato, Italy

Pedro Marcano, Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Giannetto Edoardo Marcenaro, Italy

Ruth Marchese, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Mauro Marchiani, Sud Press, Camporosso, Italy

Joe Marcinkowski, Houston Peace & Justice Center, Houston, TX, USA

Alfred L. Marder, President, US Peace Council; Vice President, World Peace Council

José ignacio Marengo, Villa Dolores, Córdoba, Argentina

Nicolette Margolle, Montauban, France

Brusselle Marie-Claude, Grenoble, France

Maryam Mariji, Islamic Republic of Iran

Justin Marik, Santa Clara, CA, USA

Joshua Marinus, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA

Howard Markert, Youngstown, OH, USA

John Markham, Princeton, Kentucky, USA

Karen Markle, Kemptville, ON, Canada

Brant Marmouze, Hooper, Ut, USA

Anibel Marquez, Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

Nelson Márquez, Kihei, Hawai’i, USA

Noel Marquez, Grupo MADERA, Caracas, Distrito Capital, Aruba

Daniel Marion, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Wyndmoor, PA, USA

James Marshal, Veterans For Peace, Monroeville, PA, USA

Dorrine Marshall, Irvine, CA, USA

Douglas Marshall, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Brendan Martin, Canada

Derek Martin, United Kingdom

Dr. Glen T. Martin, World Constitution and Parliament Assoc. (WCPA)

Noel Martin, Communist Party of Ireland

Robin Martin, Ajaccio, Corse, France

Ana Martina, Argentina

Michael Martinez, Emergency Hands Off Venezuela Committee, FL, USA

Rudy Martinez, Sybil Journal, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Tomas Jose Martinez Landero, Cartagena, Colombia

Monnica Martinez, Argentina

Romulo Martinez, Solidaridad con Cuba y Venezuela en Viena, Austria

Samuel Martinez-Saenz, Austria

Jean-Claude Martini, Firenze, Italy

Ines Martins, São Paulo, Brazil

Esteban Mauri Mendoza, ANTICONQUISTA, Milano, Italy

Jamshid Marvasti, MD, Manchester, CT, USA

Ahmad Marvjaniyan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Gianfranca Mascia, Capoterra, Italy

Elena Masera Arigoni, Switzerland

Susan Massad, Natick, MA, USA

Eileen Massey, Oakland, CA, USA

Amir M. Maasoumi, Canada

Marcy Matasick, Sandia Park, NM, USA

Ursula Mathern, Germany

Elba Matos, Albany, NY, USA

H Robert Matquet, Lancaster, PA, USA

Aileen Matheson, KYLE, Ross-shire, United Kingdom

John matheson, kyle,highland. United Kingdom

Mhairi Matheson, Inverness,Highland, United Kingdom

Arnold Matlin, Rochester Committee on Latin America, Linwood, NY, USA

Milo Matthews, San Francisco, CA

Richard Mattingly, Buffalo, NY, USA

Giuliana Mattone, Associazione Italia Nicaragua

Rolf Maurer, Stamford, CT, USA

Mark Maxey, Movement 4 Peoples’ Democracy

Janet Mayes, International Action Center

David Maynard, Thonotosassa, FL, USA

Isa Mbogo, People Against American Brutal Hegemony, Kenya

Rebekah McAlister, New York, New York, USA

Mike McCabe, New York, NY, USA

Mike McCampbell, Pgh., PA, USA

Patrcik McCann, Veterans For Peace, FL, USA

Charles McCarthy, Veterans for peace, Corona, California, USA

Lloyd McCarthy, USA

Ryan McClellan, Briarcliffe, PA, USA

Mindi McCluskey, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Stanford McConnehey, Boise, ID, USA

Mariana Mcdonald, Decatur, Ga, USA

Jerry McDonough, Sun Prairie, WI, USA

Dr. Catherine-Anne McCloskey-Ross, Socialist Party of America, PA, USA

Edwin McCready, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Ian McCulloch, United Kingdom

Ken McDaniel, Vancouver, WA, USA

Shepard McDaniel, Universal Zulu Nation, Bronx, NY, USA

Alex Mceachern, Retired Teacher and former MLA, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Betty McElhill, Tucson, AZ, USA

Maerwydd McFarland, VT, USA

Sam McGill, Revolutionary Communist Group and newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, England

Bryan McKenna, STEEP FALLS, Maine

Cynthia McKinney, Former U.S. congressperson and presidential candidate

John McLane, Austin, TX, USA

Margaret McLaren

Gayle McLaughlin, former 2-term mayor of Richmond, CA (2007-2014)

Robert Mc Laughlin, New York City, NY, USA

Maureen Mcmahon, New York, NY, USA

Claudia McNulty, Climax, NY, USA

Adam McPherson, London, ON, Canada

Michael McRae, Canada

Shari McRae, Cane Hill, Arkansas, USA

Wendy Leigh Meadors, Lexington, KY, USA

Rev. F. Mark Mealing, PhD, Meadow Creek, BC, Canada

Jana Mariposa Muhar Niernberger, Mariposa Habitat Nursery, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Ernst Mecke, Finland

Sigyn Meder, Sweden

Oren Medicks, Macao

Nidal Medieh, Jordanian Communist Party JCP, Amman, Amman, Jordan

Juan Medina, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Karl-Heinz Medler, Deutsche Kommunistische Partei, Essen, Germany

Park Meekyung, S, Seoul, Korea, Republic of Korea

Ahmad Meghdadi, Sweden

Gholamreza Mehdipoor, Shuoshtar, Islamic Republic of Iran

Hossein Mehdipour, Berlin, Germany

Marcia Meisel, royal Oak, MI, usa

Martin Melkonin, Uniondale, ny,  USA

Giuseppe Melia, Torino, Italy

Günter Melle, Trade Union ver.di, Offenburg, Baden, Germany

Janet Menage, Llanybydder,Ceredigion, United Kingdom

Ann Menasche, San Diego, CA

Jaime Mendieta, Casa de Las Américas NY, USA

Maribel Mendoza, Montreal, QC, Canada

Paul Mendoza, West Babylon, New York, usa

Ingrid Menzel, Germany

Santiago Merchan, Batukada Revolucionaria (Colombia)

Ignazio Mercurio, Italy

Hossein Merghati, Islamic Republic of Iran

Silvia Merlini, Italy

Timothy Merton, Putney, VT, usa

Maria Elena Mesa, FIPGRA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gary Mesker, Veterans for Peace Chapter 118, Salt Lake City, usa

Clemens Messerschmid, Palestine

Alfonso Messina, Bologna, Italy

Gabriele Meyer, Germany

George Meyer, Colville, WA, USA

Harold Adolph Meyer, Jr, Washington Depot, CT, USA

Twyla Meyer, Pomona, CA, USA

Rohima Miah, Raleigh, NC, USA

Ellen Michelin, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

John Miksad, Wilton, CT, USA

Thomas Milcarek, Veterans For Peace, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Bojana Miljic, Copenhagen, Denmark

John Miller, Veterans For Peace, San Jose, CA, USA

Gail Miller, NYC, USA

Joyce Miller, NYC, USA

Sherry Millner, NYC, USA

Stephen Mills, Phx, Az, USA

Cosima Minardi, Roma, Italy

Cathy Mink, Waldo, Maine, USA

Moh Mir

Amina Mire, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Humberto Misteroni, Baltimore, MA, USA

David Mitchell, Fairmont, MN, USA

Donna Mitchell, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Jonathan Mitchell, Madison, AL, USA

Francesco Mizzau, Roma, Italy

John Mizzi, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

Li Mo, Cambridge, MA, USA

Mohammadreza Moazzenpour, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mojtaba Moghaddam, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Said Mohammad, London, United Kingdom

Ali Mohammadi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Aisha Mohammed, USA

Taghian Mohammadrezs, Isfhan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Ahmad Mohseni, Islamic Republic of Iran

Amiryousof Mohebbi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Alfred Molison, Green Party of Texas, USA

Maria Rita Molleiro, São Paulo, Brazil

Louise Molloy, Australia

Donald Monaco, Long Island City, NY, USA

Joseph Mondello, Veterans For Peace, Loveland, CO, USA

Omar Mondéjar Quintero, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Don Moody, Canada

Nicholas Monsour, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Erwin Mont, Guatemala

Jean Mont-Eton, San Francisco, CA, USA

Carlo Montedoro, Partito Della Rifondazione Comunista, Italy

James Montenegro, Coachella, CA, USA

Marc Monteon, El Monte, CA, USA

Gianni Monti, Assemblea Beni Comuni / Diritti, Italy

Pierangelo Monti, Good Samaritan ONLUS, Ivrea, Italy

Francesco Montorsi, Sirolo, Ancona, Italy

Barbara Moore, Alliance for Venezuela, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia, Canada

Beth Moore, League City, TX, USA

Janet moore, Rochester, MI, USA

Jim Moore, Denver, NC, USA

Pat Moore, Charlotte, NC, USA

Monica Moorehead, Workers World Party

Fabio Morabito, Italy

Natalia Morais, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Maria Morales, Racine, WI, USA

Aurelio Morales Vázquez, Mexico

Enzo Moretti Niebuhr, Youth Fighting US Empire, NC, USA

John M. Morgan, Ohio Valley Peace, Beallsville, OH, USA

Fred Morrison, Hayward, CA, USA

Todd Morse, Greenwood, IN, USA

Dr. Amir Mortasawi, Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany

Stephanie Mory, Clarks Summit, PA

Lawrence Mosqueda PhD, Olympia, WA, USA

Alireza Masrour, Fars, Islamic Republic of Iran

Dennis Mounce, Stratford, NH, USA

Stephanie Mory, Clarks Summit, PA, USA

Helen Moss

Dennis Mounce, Stratford, NH, USA

Emad Mousavi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mohsen Mousavi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Sayyed Ebrahim Mousavi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Kwame Osei Moyo, Omega First Inc, Charlotte, NC, USA

Norbert Mueller, Germany

Zayid Muhammad, Malcolm X Commemoration Committee, New York, NY, USA

James Mulcare, Clarkston, WA, USA

  1. Muller, Freiburg, Germany, Alliance Against Conformity

MaryAnne Muller, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Sean Mulligan, Alpharetta, GA, USA

Charles Mullin, Commerce City, Colorado, USA

Lori Mulvey, Comstock Park, MI, USA

Elio Mugnaini, Italy

Sergio Mulet, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Guri-Kristine Mundal, Trondheim, Norway

Graster Mundi, Socialist Party Zambia

Susan Murad, Lancaster, SC, USA

Ellen Murphy, Veterans For Peace Chapter 111, Bellingham, WA, USA

Joan murphy-walker, Windsor, ON, Canada

Luci Murphy, Black Alliance for Peace

Olivia Murphy, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

William Murphy, Fort Montgomery, NY, USA

Cristy Murray, Oregon City, OR, USA

Elizabeth Murray, Poulsbo, WA, USA

Clarice Mushlin, Brookline, MA, USA

Eddy Muskus, VALENCIA, Valencia, Spain

Mallory Musser, Bay City, MI, USA

Mary Mutch, La Crosse, WI, USA

Dr Chandra Muzaffar, International Movement for a JUST World (JUST), Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Joel Myron, Jersey City, NJ, USA


Fabio Naca, Italy

Jonathan Nack, Houston, TX, USA

Jonathan Nack, Oakland, California, USA

Eli Nadeau, New School for Social Research, NYC, USA

Hellmut Naderer, Cuba sí, Oelsnitz, Sachsen, Germany

Ursula Naderer, Cuba sí, Oelsnitz, Deutschland, Germany

Alexander Nadler

Fred Nagel, Rhinebeck, NY, USA

Jessica Naissant, Elmont, NY, USA

Joseph Nall, Babson Park, FL, USA

Lorri Nandrea, Communist Party of North Carolina, Cary, NC, USA

Salvatore Napolitano, Cobas Scuola, Italy

Lucia Marta Nardo, Italy

Glenn Narain, Paramaribo, Paramaribo, Suriname

Carroll Nast, Veterans For Peace, Colfax, CA, USA

Ilonka Naumann-Roehl, Bochum, Germany

Robert Navan, Venezuela Ireland Network

Reza Nazari, Islamic Republic of Iran

Karin Nebauer, München, Germany

Antonello Nebbia, Italy

Lyn Neeley, Portland, OR, USA

Rosemary Neidenberg, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Laura Neiman, NYC, NY, USA

Gary Nelson, Troy, NY, USA

James Nelson, St. Louis, MO, USA

Peter Nelson, Greenock, United Kingdom

Richard Nelson, Hartford, CT, USA

William Nemcik, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Maurizio Neri, Roma, Italy, Comunismo e Comunità Rivista

Mike Nestor, Toledo, OH, USA

Margot Neubauer, Germany

Jane Newton, Georgetown, ME, USA

Max Newton, Berkeley, CA, USA

Carmen Neyra, Montreal, QC, Canada

Maria Nikolakaki, Greece

Jill Nichols, Penfield, NY, USA

Bill Nicholson

Joan Nicholson, Kennett Square, PA, USA

Annaloy Nickum, Portola vally, ca, USA

Rael Nidess, M.D., Marshall, TX, USA

Jana Muhar Niernberger, Mariposa Habitat Nursery, USA

Vasilis Nikolos, Bast, Praha-vychod, Czech Republic

Vitaly Nikulin, Sacramento, CA, USA

Gerald Nights Lantern, Montreal, QC, Canada

Maas Nights Lantern, Montreal, QC, Canada

Erik-Anders Nilsson, Jersey City Peace Movement, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Luis Ninamango, Lima, Peru

Kris Niznik, Seattle, WA, USA

Kristin Norderval

Michael Nola, claremont, CA, USA

James Nordlund, Moorhead, Minnesota, USA

Christopher Norland, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Ben Norton, Journalist, USA

Carlos Nossa, Oporto, Portugal

Jennifer Nouri, Washington, USA

Jacob Novack, Commerce, MI, USA

Aleksandar Novaković, Serbia

Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-L.A., USA

Atefeh Novin, Islamic Republic of Iran

Bill Nowak, Buffalo, NY, USA

Francisco Nunes, Lisbon, Portugal

João Nunes, Coimbra, Portugal

Luís César Nunes, Sindicato dos profissionais de educação do Rio de Janeiro,

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Haakon KyrkjebÌü NybÌü, FÌürde, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway


Marlene Obeid, Hands Off Syria Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Axel Obersat, Windsor, ON, Canada

Jim Obert, Seattle, Washington, USA

John O’Brien, Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA

Sally O’Brien, Journalist, NYC, NY, USA

Bruce Occena, San Pablo, CA, USA

David Occhiuto, NYC, USA

Richard Ochs, Baltimore Peace Action, Baltimore, MD, USA

Claire O’Connor, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Hugh O’Connor, San Francisco, CA, USA

Lorenzo Odenato, Fronte Popolare, Cuneo, Italy

Susan Oehler, Asheville, NC, USA

Justin O’Hagan, Belfast, United Kingdom

Merle Ohlinger, New Rochelle, NY, USA

Paola Ojerinde, London, United Kingdom

Santiago Oliva, Plainfield, NJ, USA

Pascual Olivas López, El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Corey E. Olsen, Delafield, WI, USA

Gunar Olsen, journalist, NYC, USA

Jon Olsen, Green Party, Author of LIBERATE HAWAI’I!, Jefferson, Maine, USA

Knut Olsen, Kongsvinger, Hedmark, Norway

Mary O’Mahony, Ireland

Kevin O’Rourke, Camden, NY, USA

Barbara Okishoff, NYC, NY, USA

Luciano Oliveri, Italy

Masomh Oliya, Islamic Republic of Iran

Peter Olney, ILWU, San Francisco, CA

Douglas Olson, Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace (BACP), MN, USA

Barry Olsen, USA

Jon Olsen, Green Party, Jefferson, ME, USA

Steve Ongerth, Richmond, CA, USA

Miriam Oppenheimer, Refuse Fascism, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Lauren Ornelas, Rohnert Park, CA, USA

Ignasi Orobitg Gene, Sabadell, Spain

David Ortiz, NYC, USA

Hector Ortiz, Cedar Grove, NJ, USA

Sergio Ortiz, Secretario – Partido de Liberación, Cordoba, Argentina

Carlos Ortiz-Vazquez, Bronx, NY, USA

Kristine Osbakken, Women Speak for a Sane World, Duluth, MN, USA

Dorothy Osborn, Durham, NC, USA

Robert Osborn, Durham, NC, USA

Gloria Osborne, Springwater, NY, USA

Eileen Osmond, Aruba

Walner Osna

Natalia Osorio, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Judith Osterman, Loch Sheldrake, NY, USA

Michael Ott, Milton, FL, USA

Michael Otto, Ecuador

Ousmane Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso

Jay Owens, Chicago, IL, USA


Rolando Pablo Pereira, Burke, VA, USA

Steven Pacheco, Drug Policy Alliance, Bronx, New York, USA

Claudio Paganelli, Livorno, Italy

Nino Pagliccia, Venezuela Peace and Solidarity Committee of Vancouver, Canada

Paul Pallazola, Beverly, MA, USA

Daniel Palloks, Berlin, Germany

Marta Palominos, Hugo Chavez People’s Defense Front -Toronto, ON, Canada

Jean Palmer, Lincoln, MA, USA

Sabrina Palmioli, Italy

Bil Palmisano, Veterans For Peace, CA, USA

Marta Palominos, Hugo Chavez People’s Defenese Front -Toronto, Canada

Mary Pampalk, Ossining, New York, USA

James Pandaru, Greater New Haven Peace Council, West Haven, CT, USA

Cynthia Papermaster

Michael Pappas, NYC, NY, USA

Jeni Paquette, Corning, NY, USA

Regine Raelian Paradis, Quebec City, QC, Canada

Manuel Pardo, Frente Antiimperialista Internacionalista (Madrid)

Claudio Parenti, Associazione per la Ricostruzione del Partito Comunista Lamporecchio

Jeongmee Park, Cheon-an, Republic of Korea

Brian Parker, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Edmond Parker, Chicago, IL, USA

Amir Parimi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Park Han Sun, Seong Nam City, Kyung Ki Do, Republic of Korea

Beedy Parker, Camden, ME, USA

Dolores Parra, Land O’ Lakes, FL, USA

MIchele Passarelli, Italy

  1. DREW PATCH, Green Party, Old Bridge, NJ, USA

José Patrocínio, OMUNGA, Lobito, Benguela, Angola

Nasrin Patsa, Democracy TV Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

Mirella Pattuelli, Bologna, Italy

Carl Paul, Providence, RI, USA

Komeil Pe, Islamic Republic of Iran

Tia Pearson, Wahiyaha, Hawai’i

Luis Alejandro Pedron Hurtado, Los Teques, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Jay Pee, Aruba

Ben Peerless, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Nikolay Peev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Miko Peled, Washington, DC, USA

Richard Pellegrino, Free States Movement, Mableton, GA, USA

Donna J. Pemmitt, USA

Jerry Pendergast, Chicago, IL, USA

John Penney, USA

Andrea Penoni, Senago, Italy

Heather Pens, Olympia, WA, USA

Albert Penta, Veterans For Peace, Monroe, WA, USA

Richard Peppin, Rockville, MD, USA

Arturo Perifano, Napoli, Italy

Ana Pérez Lopez, Spain

Bonifacio Perez, Hollywood, FL, USA

Guillermo Pérez, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Yvonne Perret, Cumberland, MD, USA

Claire Perricelli, Eureka, CA, USA

Olga Perrie, Scituate, MA, USA

Bo Persson, Uppsala, Sweden

Adrien Pertilla, Los Angeles, Ca, USA

Joan Peters, Richmond, CA, USA

Jenna Peters-Golden, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Rudolph Petra, Bad Schlema, Sachsen, Germany

Jeff Petrucelly, Cambridge, MA, USA

Philip, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Philip Philipoff, Bulgaria

Blair Phillips, St. Catharines, ON, Canada

Charlotte Phillips, Brooklyn For Peace, Brooklyn, New York, USA

James Phillips, DSA Wichita, Wichita, Kansas, USA

Kimberly Phillips, San Jose, California, USA

Bally Philp, Highlands, United Kingdom

Charles Philp, Veterans For Peace, NYC, NY, USA

Craig Phipps, Plainfield, NJ, USA

Richard Picarello, Newton, MA

Klaus Piel, Germany

Todd Pierce, Project for the Study of American Militarism, St. Paul, MN, USA

Olga Perrier, Scituate, MA, USA

  1. Pikser, NYC, NY, USA

Bessie Pino, Salvador Allende Spanish School, Inc., Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Kateri Pino, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Rodolfo Pino, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Mary Pinoti-Kaessinger, Workers World, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Giovanni Pirisi, Alghero, Italy

Juri Piroddi, Tortolì, Italy

Valter Piso, Potere al Popolo, Malaysia

Valerie Pistoni, Oakland, CA, USA

Maria Elena Pizarro, City University of New York, NYC, NY, USA

Rafael Pla-Lopez, Plataforma Ciudadana de Meliana en Defensa dels Serveis Públics, Meliana, Valencia, Spain

Marika Plater, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Ulrich Ploeckinger, Karlsruhe, Germany

Carolyn Poinelli, Boston, MA, USA

Hertha L. Poje, NYC, NY, USA

Massimo Poli, Santa Maria di Sala, Italy

Chris Polk, Berkeley, CA, USA

Alexandra Poller, Germany

Michael Pollock, Durham, NC, USA

Barbara Pollick, Sarasota, FL, USA

Luciano Pomona, Partito Comunista Italiano (PCI), Massa Lombarda, Italy

Enki Pontvianne, France

Ed Pool, USA

John Pope, Lake Park, FL, USA

Terry Poplawski, Ukiah, CA, USA

Cinny Poppen, Abingdon, VA, USA

Emma Portman, New York, NY, USA

Anna Potempska, Forest Hills, NY, USA

Laura Potter, East Charleston, VT, USA

Jasper Potts, Little Rock, AK, USA

Thomas Power, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Angelin Pozo, Allentown, NJ, USA

Cornelia Praetorius, Berlin, Germany

Frank Pratka, Maryland-Cuba Friendship Coalition, USA

Minnie Bruce Pratt, UAW/National Writers Union Local 1981, USA

Mike Preece, Bristol, United Kingdom

Hartwig Pretzsch, Thüringen, Germany

Richard Pressamn, San Antonio, TX, USA

Marie Prestinary, NYC, USA

Robert Preuss, Ballston Spa, NY, USA

Heather Pribil, Springfield, MO, USA

Nancy Price, Earth Democracy Campaign Coordinator, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, US

Peter Priskil, Freiburg, Germany

Fanny Prizant, Bearsville, NY, USA

James Prothero, Mission, BC, Canada

Anne Pruden, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Brian Pruka, Rockford, IL, USA

Joad Prune, Foix, Ariege, France

Jeremy Pryzby, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Carol Przybylak, Erie County Green Party, USA

Donald Ptak, Delevan, NJ, USA

Nuria Elena Pubill Pubill, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain

Chuck Puckett, Owensboro, KY, USA

Lara Pullin, Canberra, Australia


Oussama Qawasmi, Arlington, TX, USA

Brigitte Queck, Mothers Against War Berlin-Brandenburg

Warren Monty Quesnell, Coronado, CA, USA

Jonny Quest, Seattle, Washington, USA

Wilmer J. Quintero S., Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela

Reyna Quispe, Cusco, Peru


Noemi Rabaza Fernández, ICAP, La Habana, Cuba

N Rabbani, Islamic Republic of Iran

Tomas Racek, NYC, USA

Chandrika Radhakrishnan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Vaqar Raees, Canada

Gilles Raelian, Italy

Adel Rafiee, Rasht, Islamic Republic of Iran

Francesca Raga, Roma, Italy


Maksud Rahaman, Bangladesh

Amin Rahdar, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Saeed Rahimi, Alvand, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mobin Rahimiyan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Antonio Rahman, Cary, NC, USA

Aidin Rahmati, Islamic Republic of Iran

Farrokh Rahnemoon, Okemos, MI, USA

Dorli Rainey, Veterans For Peace, Seattle, WA, USA

Manoj Rajak, Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist), Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Sami Ramadani, Stop the War Coalition, London, United Kingdom

Lesly Ramirez, Guatemala

Jose Ramos, Pleasantville, NY, USA

Dave Ramsey, Sterling Heights, MI, USA

Paul Randall, Kansas City, MO, USA

Marko Randjelovic, Nis, Serbia

Oleida Rangel, New York, NY, USA

Isabel Raposo, Lisbon, Portugal

Adi Rapport, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Zahra Rashidi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mary Ratcliff, San Francisco Bay View, San Francisco, CA, USA

Ron Rattner, San Francisco, CA, USA

Gianmarco Ravazzoli, Casteggio, Italy

River Rawle, Atlanta, GA, USA

Doug Rawlings, Veterans For Peace, Chesterville, ME, USA

Linda Ray, San Francisco Labor Council Delegate

Mike Ray, Austin, TX, USA

Sarah Raymundo, Philippines-Bolivarian Venezuela Friendship Association, Quezon, Philippines

Pariva Razzaghi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Daniele Re, Italy

John Re, Granville, MA, USA

Juan Reardon, Richmond Progressive Alliance,* Richmond, CA

Mark Reback, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Maryellen Redish, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Carl Redwood, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Angela Reed, Lawrence, KS, USA

Jack Reed, Community Planet Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Gerald Rees, Veterans For Peace, CA, USA

Mary Regan, Dorchester, MA, USA

Matthias Reichl, Center for Encounter and Active Non-Violence, Bad Ischl, Austria

Tiara Reid, Colorado Springs Socialists, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Richard Reilly, Hammerhead Media Works, Chicago, IL, USA

River Reina, Italy

Guenter Reindl, Germany

Lionel Reinisch, France

Guido Reiter, Austria

Ij Reiter, Sobieski, WI, USA

Dave Rendle, Cardigan, United Kingdom

Karamy Renfrow, Lorain, OH, USA

Brek Renzelman, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Gabriele Repaci, Milano, Italy

Coquina Restrepo, Roanoke, VA, USA

Erich Rever, Peru

Oscar Revilla, Spain

Dr. Günter Rexilius, Germany

Jovanni Reyes, About Face Veterans Against the War San Antonio Chapter,*

San Antonio, TX, USA

Jade Reynolds, Denver, CO, USA

Ali Reza, Islamic Republic of Iran

Reza Yosefi Reza, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Farhang Rezaei, Trondheim, Norway

Hasan Rezaei, Mashhad, Islamic Republic of Iran

Gunwoo Rho, Sungju, Gyuning, Republic of Korea

Ralph Ricardo, Powder Springs, GA, USA

Yani Richard, Laval, QC, Canada

Ruby Richardson, Rocky Mount, NC, USA

Hilda Richey, Hillsboro, WI, USA

Vincent Richmond, USA

Reinhold Riedel, Esslingen, Germany

Jean Riendeau, Canada

Jane Riggan, Veterans For Peace, Arcata, CA, USA

Patrick Riggs, Eureka, CA, USA

Eraldo Rinaldi, Padova, Italy

Jeff Riney, Dallas, GA, USA

Susanne Ringel, Berlin, Germany

Jonelle Ringnalda, Ms., St. Paul, MN, USA

Chauta Rionero, Chauta Associazione, Rionero in Vulture, Italy

Fidas Rionero, Rionero in Vulture, Italy

Mike Rissell, Arena, WA, USA

Marc Rivard, Val-d’Or, PQ, Canada

Thomas Rivell, San Jose, CA, USA

Christian Rivera, Albany, NY, USA

Myra Rivera Torres, Caguas, Puerto Rico

Efrain Rivera, Metairie, LA, USA

Chuck Rivers, Sctuate, MA, USA

Jerry Rivers, North American Climate, Conservation and Environment, NY, USA

Sandra Rivers, New York, NY, USA

Syed Rizvi, Houston, TX, USA

Wizarat Rizvi, Burlington, NJ, USA

Lisl Rizy, Austria

Paolo Rizzi, Eurostop – Potere al Popolo, Italy

Regino Robainas, Stuart, Florida, USA

Scorzoni Roberto, Comitato Italia Venezuela Bolivariana, coordinamento antimperialista organizzazione per la solidarietà (CAOS), Roma, Italy

Peter Robinson, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Steven Robinson, Paraparaumu, Wellington, New Zealand

Elizabeth Roberts, Northvale, NJ, USA

Lee Roberts, Portsmouth, NH, USA

Valerie Robinson, Stop Targeting Ohio’s Poor, OH, USA

Francesco Rocca, Bovalino, Italy

Isabelle Roch, Sommieres, France

Brent Rocks, Portland, OR, USA

Dr. Jodi Rodar, Pelham, MA, USA

Lotte Rodi, Pressehütte Mutlangen, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

Amanda Rodriguez, Simmons University, Boston, MA, USA

Justino Rodriguez, Bronx, NY, USA

Marrissa Rodriguez, Piscataway, NJ, USA

Miriam Rodriguez, Italia, Roma, Italy

Raquel Rodriguez, Aurora, IL, USA

Ted    Rodwheel, Bogotá, Colombia

Dorothee Roer, Frankfurt, Germany

Ugo Roffi, Italy

Rodney Rogers, USA

Ruben Eduardo Rojas Santa, Manizeles, Colombia

Azza Rojbi, Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice – Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (Canada)

Daniel Rojo, Santiago, Chile

Jelica Roland, Buzet, Croatia

David Rolde, Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, USA

Beverly Rolfsmeyer, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Beverley Rolfsmeyer, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Adele Rolider, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Angelika Roll, Berlin, Germany

Eric Rondeau, France

Gabriela Rondon, Publica, Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Carlos Ronquillo, Menifee, CA, USA

Michael Rosa, Windsor, CT, USA

Debra Rosario, The Bronx Green Party, NY, USA

Teresa Rosario, Puerto Rican Independence Party

Claudia Rosati, Tempi Post Moderni, Firenze, Italy

Katherine Rose, Asheville, NC, USA

Patricia Rose, Largo, FL, USA

Mimi Rosenberg, WBAI Radio Journalist and Attorney, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Anita Rosenblithe, NYC, USA

Sheila Rosenthal, West Lafayette, IN, USA

Rosa Rosinski, Germany

Fabrizio Roso, Collettivo La Classe (Italy)

Suzanne Ross, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, NYC, USA

Benita Rossmeier, Vienna, Austria

Peyman Rouhi, Sweden

Daniel Rouleau, Amos, QC, Canada

Luca Rovai, Italy

Elizabeth Rowley, Communist Party of Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada

Simin Royanian, Women for Peace and Justice in Iran, Washington, DC, USA

Gloria Rubac, Houston Friends of Venezuela

Kenneth Ruby, Salem, NH, USA

Gunther Ruckl, Decatur, GA, USA

Alan Rudan, Greenbelt, Maryland

Scott Rudner, San Francisco, CA, USA

Anibal Ruidíaz, Cartagena, Colombia

Anibal Ruiz, Cartagena, Colombia

Camilo Ruiz, Antioquia, Colombia

Phil Runkel, Waukesha, WI, USA

Lidija Rupnik, Slovenia

Camille Russell, Peace Fresno, Fresno, CA, USA

Kathleen Russell, Ms., Spokane, WA, USA

Michele Russo, Italy

Ann Ruthsdottir, Peaceworks

Maru Ruzicka, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Jesse Ryan, Tufts Labor Coalition, MA, USA

John Ryan, Canada

Spencer Ryan, Germany

Stuart Ryan, Alba Social Movement – Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Gunnar Rydberg, Sweden

Lynette Rynders, Strasburg, CO, USA


Marco S, Italy

Mohmmad H. Saadat, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mina Saber, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Richard Sackett, Suffolk Progressive Vision, Yaphank, NY, USA

Aisa Sadeghi, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Ismaeil Sadeghi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Naser Sadegh, Islamic Republic of Iran

Saeid Sadeghpoor, Islamic Republic of Iran

Alema Saeed, Farmingdale, NY, USA

Arman Saeedi, Islamic Republic of Iran

William Saenz, Brownstown, MI, USA

Ali Safa

Nahid Safae, Islamic Republic of Iran

Javad Safaei, Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran

Madeleine Saint-Amand, Lac aux Sables, QC, Canada

Lukas Sakalinskas, Indianopolis, IN, USA

Jeannette Salazar, Blue Ash, OH, USA

Nathalie Melove Salois, Montreal, QC, Canada

Pauline Salotti, Patchogue, NY, USA

Iraci Salvatore, Riposto, Italy

Nico Salvemini, Sinn Fein, Dublin, Ireland  

Guido Salza, Fronte Popolare (Italy)

Paolo Salza, Turin, Italy

Carolina San Martin, Cloz, Italy

Georgina Sanchez, Accion Progresistas del alto Manhattan UPA, NYC, NY

Marcus Sanchez, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Rosaura Sanchez, Carlsbad, CA, USA

Gary Sanders, USA

Lindsay Sanders, Baltimore, MD, USA

Richard Sanders, Ottawa, Canada

Javier Sandoval, Santiago, Chile

Val Sanfilippo, San Diego, CA, USA

Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh, Freetown, Sierra Leone, HCIF-PFS

Déborah Santana, Puerto Rico

Wayne Santleben, NSW Branch Communist Party Of Australia

Mauro Santoro, Partido Comunista Chileno, Chile

Marlena Santoyo, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom,

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Carole Sarcinello, Greenville, TN, USA

Luis Sarellano, El Paso, TX, USA

Zhaleh Sarkohaki, Islamic Republic of Iran

John Satter, Boulder, CO, USA

Janet Saulie, Oak Harbor, WA, USA

Karen Saum, Belfast,

Andrea Saunders, Bethlehem, PA, USA

Manfred Sautter, Saarbrücken, Germany

Sheridan Sauvage, Bremen, Germany

Tony Savino, NYC, NY, USA

Rosemarie Sawdon, Coalition for Justice (Roanoke)

Martin Sawma, US Friends of the Soviet People, Buffalo, NY, USA

Carolyn Scarr, Ecumenical Peace Institute

Corey Schade, Loch Arbour, NJ, USA

John Schaefer, Veterans For Peace – Chapter 56, Arcata, CA, USA

Craig Schamel, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Michael Scheinberg, AFT NJ, USA

Donald Schelosky, Folsom, CA, USA

Gunter Schenk, Strasbourg, France

Emile Schepers, Woodbridge, VA, USA

Tyan Schesser, USA

Guido Schiozzi, Italy

Jochen Schirrwagen, Germany

Ueli Schlegel, Zürich, Switzerland

Andreas Schlüter, Die Linke, Berlin, Germany

Christa Schmaus, Mutlangen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Henrik Schmidt, Munich, Germany

Juergen Schmiedl, Egelsbach, Germany

Sylvia Schmiedl, Egelsbach, Germany

Eberhard Schmitt-Burk, Die Linke, Frankfurt, Germany

Rebecca Schmoyer, Valatie, NY, USA

Beat Schneider, Switzerland

Rosamarie Schoop, Zurich, Switzerland

Marvin Schrock

Mike Schroer, Veterans For Peace, Laceys Spring, AL, USA

Sebastian Schubert, Germany

Rainer Schucker, Die Linke, Oberhausen, Germany

Rudolf Schulter, Switzerland

Wilhelm Schulze-Barantin, Deutscher Freidenker-Verband –  

German Freethinker Association

Marie Schulze-Springer, Bochum, Germany

Marie Schuster, WNY Peace Center, Buffalo, NY, USA

Arlene Schutz, New York, NY, USA

Mary Jane Schutzius, Florissant, MO, USA

Martin Schwander, Swiss Peace Movement, Switzerland

David Schwartzman, DC Statehood Green Party, Washington, DC, USA

Hans F. Schweinsberg, Public Awareness Education Programs –

Sciences and Humanities (Toronto)

Mark Scibilia-Carver, Trumansburg, NY, USA

Gerry Scoppettuoloi, Boston, MA, USA

Jean-Louis Scott, Curitiba, Brazil

Linda Scott, Plano, TX, USA

Yvonne Scott, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Sylvia Searfoss, El Paso, TX, USA

Mahmood Sedaghati

Bob Segal, Tucson, AZ

Heinz-Peter Seidel, Germany

Penelope Seitler, Ms., Mission, SD, USA

Abbass Sekhavat, Dallas, TX, USA

Hajo Selzer, Germany

Jean Semrau, Ashland, OR, USA

Isabel Sena, Jackson Heights, NY, USA

Kiara Sencion, Fort Lee, NJ, USA

Lee Seongjae, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Gianluca Serafini, Sinistra Italiana, Telese Terme, Benevento, Italy

Kwasi Seitu, Institute for Tsunamic Justice, Washington, DC, USA

Ignacio Sevilla, Los Angeles, NY, USA

Julianna Seymour, Huntington Station, NY, USA

Majid Sh, Islamic Republic of Iran

Ali Shahbazi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Abdolhamid Shahrabi, House of Latin America (HOLA), Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Banbose Shango, A-APRP(GC)

William Sharfman, NYC, NY, USA

Madeline Shaw, Slate Hill, NY, USA

Mojtaba Shayestehfar, Islamic Republic of Iran

Brian Shea, Somerville, MA, USA

Daniel Shea, Veterans For Peace – Chapter 72, Portland, OR, USA

Steven Shea, Cudahy, WI, USA

Maureen Sheahan, Southfield, MI, USA

Peter Shebib, Fishee’s Glenn, ON, Canada

Cindy Sheehan, Executive Boardmember, March on the Pentagon

Linda Shelales, Bolton, MA, USA

Pedram Shemirani, Karaj, Islamic Republic of Iran

Larry Sherk, Springfield, VT, USA

James Sherwood, Florence, OR, USA

Bae-Kyoung Shin, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Kyungjin Shin, Gyungju, Gyoungsangbukdo, Republic of Korea

Ebrahim Shiri, Azerbaijan

Ron Shirtliff, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ty Shlackman, Miami, FL, USA

Vyacheslav Shokurov, Baltimore MD, USA

A Shouse, Ithaca NY, USA

Robert Shore, Watertown, MA, USA

Ebony Short, Panthers For Black Feminism, Georgia, USA

Gregory Shroyer, San Diego, CA, USA

Dorah Shuey, Davenport, CA, USA

Joshua Shurley, Veterans For Peace – Chapter 180, Fresno, CA, USA

Daud Sibanda, Zimbabwe Labour Centre Working People’s College Alumni, Harare, Zimbabwe

Roland Sidler, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Reka Siegel, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Bobbi Siegelbaum, Bronx, NY, USA

Michelle Sierra, No More Wars!, Los Banos, CA, USA

Charlie Siggelkow, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Peter Sigrist, Vereinigung Schweiz-Cuba, Switzerland

Manfred Sill, Friedenskreis Zabergaeu, Gueglingen, Germany

Maria Silva, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Victor Silva, Portugal

Roberta Silver, New York, NY, USA

Trudy Silver, NYC, NY, USA

Andrew Silvera, Palestine Prisoners Society

Eun Sik Sim, Repubic of Korea

Neysha Sima, Toronto, Canada

Joseph Simard, Montreal, QC, Canada

William Simon, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Jerry Simotas, Upper Darby, PA, USA

Meaghan Simpson, Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka, CA, USA

Jon Singleton, NYC, NY, USA

Susanna Sinigaglia, Italy

Gregor Sirotof, Mount Tremper, NY, USA

Robert Skinner, Sidney, NSW, Australia

Geoffrey Skoll, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Wilhelm Solenthaler, Friedensbewegung, Hinterforst, Kanton St.Gallen, Switzerland

Cristina Soler, València, Spain    

Mohammad Soleymani, Sweden

Alexei Soltis, Fontana, CA, USA

Jesse Somerville, Austin, TX, USA

Susan Spivack, Cobleskill, NY, USA

Vincent Smedile, NYC, NY, USA

Ceresta Smith, Miami, FL, USA

Ian Smith, Halifax, United Kingdom

John Smith

Newland Smith, Evanston, IL, USA

Stansfield Smith, Chicago ALBA Solidarity, USA

Summer Smith, FIRE Utah and Utah Education Association-GEA

George Smithuis, Netherlands

Art Smoker, Mars Hill, NC, USA

John Snively, Veterans For Peace – Chapter 133, Missoula, MT, USA

Ben Snyder, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Mary Snyder, Mansfield, CT, USA

William Soberón Guevara, Movimiento Comunitario Alfa y Omega, Peru

Tony Soldo, Hope Sound, FL, USA

Jose Soler, COSODIBO, New Bedford, MA, USA

Mohammad Soleymani, Stockholm, Sweden

Mario Sommella, Ass.Prima Le Persone, Latisana, Italy

Cliff Sommers, Green Party of Mississippi, USA

Behrooz Sooren

Abdol Soofi, Professor of Economics, Madison, WI

Bill Sorem, Minnetonka, MN, USA

Cory Sorensen, Guilford, VT

Phoebe Sorgen, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee, Berkeley, CA, USA

Jorge Sorger, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Modesto Sorrentino, Italy

Henrry Sosa, Araure, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Stan Squires, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Connie Sosnoff, Atlanta, GA, USA

Francesco Specchio, Italy

Ruby Speed, United Kingdom

Friederike Speitling, Braunschweig, Germany

Rev. Thomas Spencer, Pontiac, MI, USA

David Sperduti, CTCPUSA, New Britain, CT

Jon Spiteri, United Kingdom

Susan Spivack, Ms., Cobleskill, NY

Elane Spivak-Rodriguez

Robert Sprengeler, Veterans For Peace, Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

Michael Springmann, Washington, DC, USA

Rick Sprout, Broome Tioga Green Party, Binghamton, NY, USA

Jean-Yves St-Laurent, Canada

Roland St-Pierre, St-Hubert, QC, Canada

Luc (raelian) St-Pierre, Longueuil, QC, Canada

Carl St  Gelais, Canada

David St. Jean, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Bonita Staas, Orangeville, IL, USA

Elena Stallings, Ozark, AL, USA

Edward Stamas, Northampton, MA, USA

Karen Stamm, NYC, NY, USA

Stephen Stamnes, Veterans For Peace, Arcata, Canada

Mark Stansbery, Community Organizing Center, Columbus, OH, USA

Patrick Stanton, Burlington, VT, USA

  1. Stark, Shelburne, MA, USA

Mary Starkovich, USA

Bistra Staykova, Sofia, Bulgaria

Wat Stearns, Brattleboro, VT

Robert Stebbins, Veterans For Peace, Corvallis, OR, USA

Cat Steele, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Karen Steele, Westminster, MD, USA

Herbert Steffes, Germany

Nina Stein, U.S. Peace Council, CT, USA

Lia Steinman, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Edward Stengel, Chicago, IL, USA

Sarah Stephan, Poquoson, VA, USA

Dean Stevens, Brookline, AK, USA

Bernie Stewart, Durham, NC, USA

Nico Stippler, Frankfurt, Germany

Volker Strützel, Dresden, Germany

Dana Stickney, Mattapoisett, MA, USA

Jane Stillwater, Century of the Child

Brenna Stewart-Torres, NYC, USA

Greta Stockton, Langley, WA, USA

Beatrice Stodola, Sarasota, FL, USA

Peter Stoinov, Dallas, TX, USA

Brenda Stokely, former Million Worker March organizer, USA

Roger Stoll, San Rafael, CA, USA

Shaylon Stolk, Seattle, WA, USA

Susanna Stone, Sheridan, WY, USA

Gary Storck, Madison, WI, USA

Taegan Stross, Austin, TX, USA

Norbert Strub, Switzerland

Deena Stryker, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Douglas Stuart, Smedley D. Butler Brigade, Veterans For Peace Chap. 9, Boston, MA, USA

Ronald Stubbs, Coral Gables, FL, USA

Veronica Suarez

Aida Suidan, Atlanta, GA, USA

Jennifer Sullivan, National Women’s Caucus Of the Green Party of the United States, FL, USA

Muhyeddin Sultanifar, Islamic Republic of Iran

Judy Summersby, Cambridge, MA, USA

Jung Sun hee, Sungnam, Kyongki, Republic of Korea

Zorica Surla, Germany

Alice Sturm Sutter, NYC Metro Raging Grannies, NYC, USA

Juergen Suttner, ATTAC; Freidenker, Siegen, Germany

Gerald Swanson, New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA

Marla Swanson, Fort Collins, CO

Ronald Swartz, Marcellus, MI, USA

Bernard Swierszcz, Clifton, NJ, USA

Ballandras Sylvie, La Teste, France


Hirohide Tabata, Tokyo, Japan

Valerie Taber, Redlands, CA, USA

Vincent Taccetta, Peoples Power Assemblies New York, USA

Kang TaeWook, Sachon, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea

Sarah Taft, Canterbury, NH, USA

Fatemeh Taheri-Johansson, Ljungby, Sweden

Jennifer Talarico, Haddon Township, NJ, USA

Mark Taliano, Canada

Walter Taggart, St. Cloud, MN, USA

Harry Targ, West Lafayette, IN, USA

Petra Tatura, Berlin, Germany

Mara Taub, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Liliane Tarbenhaus

Timothy Taugher

Ellen Taylor, CODEPINK, NY, USA

Dr. F Taylor, Hilton Head for Peace, SC, USA

  1. Kelly Taylor, Saint Louis, MO, USA

Teri Telnir, Blomstermala, Kalmar, Sweden

Gunda Tente, Paraparaumu, Wellington, New Zealand

Karen Tepoel, Jacksonville, Oregon, USA

Ra-Eliann Terrio, Quebec, QC, Canada

Kees Thieme, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Ann Thomas, Mt. Holly, NJ, USA

Bob Thomas, Myrtle Creek, OR, USA

Ian Thomas, Harrisburg, PA, USA

Patrice Thomas, Rockville, MD, USA

William Thomas, Auburn, NH, USA

Andy Thomas, United Kingdom

David Thomas, Canada

Matthew Thompson, USA

Roger Thompson, Port Orchard, WA, USA

Sandra Thompson, Freeport, ME, USA

Sally-Alice Thompson, Veterans For Peace, Albuquerque, NM, USA

James Thring, Ministry of Peace, East Grinstead, UK

Patricia Thukral, Newport News VA, USA

Joe Tichenor, Readers Truth Quest sporadic newsletter, Clearlake, CA, USA

Jörg Tiedjen, Germany

Ann Tiffany, Syracuse, NY, USA

Gladys Tiffany, OMNI Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology, Fayetteville, AR, USA

Dion Tilley, Opotiki, New Zealand

Don Timmerman, Catholic Worker, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Roberta Timmerman, Catholic Worker, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Adriano Tinello, Italy

Ana Tinsly, Miami, FL, USA

Fern Tishman, NYC, NY, USA

Chris Tittle, Charleston, SC, USA

Barb Tiwald, Albuquerque, NM, USA, Veterans for Peace

Bill Tiwald, Albuquerque, NM, USA, Veterans for Peace

Harvey Tjader, Bemidji, MN, USA

Verena Tobler Linder, Zurich, Switzerland

Emily Tock, Topeka, KS, USA

Valerio Tognon, Italy

Bob Tomashevsky, Archer, FL, USA

Kevin Tommila, Fortuna, CA, USA

Amorena Tompkins, Fostoria, MI, USA

Sarah Tompkins, USA

Senfo Tonkam, Black Nation in Babylon-Germany, Hamburg, Germany

Laurie Toner, Brighton, MA, USA

Salvatore Tonti, Italy

Terry Tompkins, Fostoria, MI, USA

David Toorchen, Columbus, OH, USA

Norma Toral, Walnut Creek, CA, USA

Victor Toro, Movimiento de La Peña del El Bronx, Bronx, USA

Francesca Torre, Florence, Italy

Azalia Torres, North Bergen, NJ, USA

Cesar Torres, Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Madge Torres, Our Revolution North County San Diego,* Encinitas, CA, USA

Michelle Torres, Hope Mills, NC, USA

Roberto Torres Collazo, Roslindale, MA, USA

Linda Toscano, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Miguel Toscano, Mendoza, Argentina

Anite Tosenblithe, NYC, USA

Eva Tramontana, Munich, Germany

Heide Trampus, Toronto, ON, Canada

Jonathan Trautman, Calgary Peace Congress, Canada

Patricia Travis, Nightdale, NC, USA

Shirley Traylor, New York, NY, USA

Mike Treen, New Zealand

Sylvie Tremblay, Quebec, QC, Canada

Clare Tremper, Federal Way, WA, USA

William Trently, Stratham, NH, USA

Roy Trickey, Kenabeek, ON, Canada

Andreas Triebel, Germany

Judy Trompeter, Denver, CO, USA

Larry Trompeter, Denver, CO, USA

Claudio Tronci, Prato, Italy

Tom Trottier, Hands Off Venezuela Campaign, NYC, NY, USA

Mike Trout, Boca Raton, FL, USA

Kaspar Trümpy, Switzerland

Joel Trupin, Marshfield, VT, USA

Dirk Trute, Germany

Larry Tsetsi, Charlestown, NH, USA

Christopher Tuch, New Braunfels, TX, USA

Daniel Turcotte, Montreal, QC, Canada

Louise Turcotte, Toronto, ON, Canada

Gabriella Turek, Dresden, Germany

Kristin Turgeon, Boston, MA, USA

Douglas Turnbull, Australia

Jeramy Turner, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Patricia Tursi, Springfield, MO, USA


Ralph Tuscher, Cement City, MI, USA

Lux Tuttle, Santa Rosa, CA, USA


Sara Uccheddu, Italy

Willi Uebelherr, Germany

Massimo Ugolini, Roma, Italy

Mieke Uhryniuk-Smith, Canada

Akinyele Umoja, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Atlanta, GA, USA

Anna Ungaro, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Ron Unger, Veterans for Peace, Dallas, TX, USA

Peter Unterweger, Beacon, NY, USA

Upujigixe Upujigixe, Buhara, Uzbekistan

Chantal Urbaniak, France

Oscar Urbina, Punto Fijo, Falcon, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Pam Uri, Blaine, WA, USA

David Uzal, Rio de Janerio, Brazil


Paloma Valverde, Spain

Cornelia Van Der Ziel, Chestnut Hill, MA, USA

Wil Van Natta, San Diego, CA, USA

David van Wyk, Bench Marks Foundation, Johannesburg, South Africa

Gabriella Vandelli, Sesto San Giovanni, Italy

Jack VanderWeel, Eastpointe, MI, USA

Marcio Varela, Areia Branca, Brazil

Stefano Varese, Davis, CA, USA

Maggie Vascassenno, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Michael Vaughan, Atlanta, GA, USA

Pasquale Vecchiarelli, La Città Futura, Italy

Filipa Vedes, Lisbon, Portugal

Karsten Velbinger, Berlin, Germany

Fabian Velez, Manhattan, NY, USA

Pedro Velez, Chicago, IL, USA

Daniel Venzon, Veterans For Peace, San Diego, CA

Anne Veraldi

Daniel Verinder, Jamaica Plain, MA, USA

Antonio Versari, Roma, Italy

Jaime Veve, Transport Workers Union Local 100 (retired), NY, USA

Guido Viale, Italy

Enrico Vigna, Belgrade Forum Italy and Initiative Center, Tourin, Italy

Dr. Brian Victoria, Yellow Springs, OH, USA

Barbara Villa, Artesia, NM, USA

Robert Villa, Artesia, NM, USA

Roberto Villa, Italy

Henri Vaillancourt, Greenville, NH, USA

Pierre Vallee, Longueuil, QC, Canada

Natalie Van Leekwijck, Deurne, Antwerpen, Belgium

Geert Vanlangendonck, Kâthe Kollwitz Peace Run, Ypres, W.-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Eduardo Villar, Madrid, Spain

David Vincent, Floral City, FL, USA

Alawia Vinogradovs, RT, Moscow, Russian Federation

Sterling Vinson, PhD, Veterans For Peace, Tuscon, AZ, USA

Tom Violett, Monmouth County Green Party, NJ, USA

Alizarin Violette, Valcourt, QC, Canada

Marco Vispi, Niederkorn, Luxembourg

Eduardo Vivanco, Mendoza, Argentina

Gabriel Voiles, NYC, USA

Wilford Vogt, Veterans For Peace, Denton, TX, USA

Miriam Volkmann, Berlin, Germany

Peter Von Christierson, Port Townsend, WA, USA

Hans Von Sponeck, Germany

Brigitte Vonaesch, Basel, Switzerland

Siamak Vossoughi, San Francisco, CA, USA

Theodore Voth III, Madison, WI, USA


Christian Waechter, Hamburg, Germany

Jennifer Wager, Dare to Dream, NJ, USA

Travis Wagner, Veterans For Peace, Eagle Point, OR, USA

Karen Wainberg, Brunswick, ME, USA

Dr. Angela Waldegg, Vienna, Austria

Robert Waldon, Winthrop, IL, USA

Gail Walker, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, USA

Gary Walker, Campton, NH, USA

Janet Walker, Cambridge, Cambs, United Kingdom

John Walker, Veterans For Peace, Missoula, MT, USA

Jim Wallace, International Action Center, NJ, USA

Trudi Wallace, Raleigh, NC, USA

Thomas Walsh, San Francisco, CA, USA

Sarah-Rachel Walters, Staten Island, NY, USA

Marisa Walther, Germany

Margaret Walton, Black Alliance for Peace, USA

Mary Walworth, Highland Park, NJ, USA

Kolo Wamba, USA

Kevin Ward, Oxnard, CA, USA

Jared Ware, Millennials Are Killing Capitalism, Philadelphia, PA

John Warne, Fishers, IN, USA

Kay Warren, Espanola, NM, USA

Emily Warshauer, NYC, USA

Larry Wasslen, Canadian Peace Congress

Roger Waters, Musician, USA

Sandy Waters

Chris Watson, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Jay Watts, Toronto Association for Peace & Solidarity

Alexander Webb, Wayland, MA, USA

Gerald Webb, Nicaragua

Julie Webb-Pullman, New Zealand

Barbara Webster, Montclair, NJ, USA

Chris Wedge, Rocklin, CA, USA

Jochi Peter Weil, Switzerland

Anjuska Weil, Switzerland

Scott A. Weir, PhD (Economics), Durham, NC, USA

Joe Weis, Reedley, CA, USA

Suzanne Weiss, Venezuela Solidarity, Toronto, Canada

Ilona Milka Weisz, Milano, Italy

Baird Welch-Collins, Waterford, CT, USA

Lew Welge, author, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Mike Welling, Oceanside, CA, USA

Cliff Wells, Lynnwood, WA, USA

Ryan Werra, Stevens Point, WI, USA

Berit Westby, Drammen, Norway

Tamson Weston   

Maureen Wheeler, Silver Spring, MD, USA

Paul Whitcomb, Brunswick, ME, USA

James Whittle, Kyleakin, Ross-shire, United Kingdom

Dan Wicht, Fridley MN, USA

Frances Widdick, Baltimore, MD, USA

Allan Widmeyer, OR, USA

John Wight, Edinburgh, Scotland

Nels Wight, Unitarian Universalist Church, Belfast, ME, USA

Phil Wilayto, Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice, & Equality

Theodore Wilcox, Rochester, NY, USA

Dwain Wilder

Laura Wilder, Garland, TX, USA

Kimberly Wiley, Rochester, NY

Rebecca B. Wilk, Mobilization for Mumia, NY, USA

Steve Willett, CCDS, CA, USA

Anthony Williams, All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC), USA

Beverly Williams, Medford OR, USA

Carlos Williams, Houston, TX, USA

Evan Williams, Seabrook, TX, USA

Glen Williams, Weed, CA, USA

Robert Williams, Oberlin, Ohio, USA

Terrie Williams, Vidor, TX, USA

William Williams, Clinton, TN, USA

Brianna Williamson, Detroit, MI, USA

Susan Willis, Tucson, AZ, USA

Chaleta Wilson

Monica Wilson, GA, USA

Madeleine Winfield, St. Johnsbury, VT, USA

Doug Wingeier, Asheville, NC, USA

Charles Winslow, Ashcroft, BC, Canada

Cameron Winter, Athens, Georgia

Shirley Winton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Warren Winton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Laura Wirtz, Bay Village, OH, USA

Steve Wise, Atlanta, GA, USA

Michael Wisniewski, Hacienda, CA, USA

Nancy Withington, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Arnold Witjes, Oldenzaal, Netherlands

Evelyn Wohlers, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Germany

Bruce Wolf, Takoma Park, MD, USA

Candace Wolf, Takoma Park, MD, USA

Sebastian Wong, Fort Lee, NJ, USA

John Woodford, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Rev Bruce Wright, Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, FL, USA

Ed Wujciak, Hollywood, FL, USA

Joël Wunsch, Luxembourg

Matt Wyse, Orinda, CA, USA


Francisco Xavier, Saskatoon, Canada


Simona Violetta Yagenova, Red de intelectuales y Artistas en Defensa de la Humanidad, Capitulo Guatemala

Chester Yang, United Kingdom

Hyun Woo Yang, Uijeongbu-si, Gyenggi-do, Republic of Korea

Sunyoung Yang, Trenton, NJ, USA

Arash Yari, Islamic Republic of Iran

Robert Yeomans, Christchurch, New Zealand

Nikos Yianopoulos, Greece

Ingrid Yogaratnam, Cranston, RI, USA

Hyoung Sun Yoo, Catholic Worker, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Kil Sang Yoon, KANCC, Inc

James York, Chillicote, OH, USA

Rachel Youens, PSC, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Kim Young Son, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Terry Younkin, Spring, TX, USA

Vaska Yu, Cambridge, ON Canada


Esen Zafer, Wien, Austria

Guy Zahller, Aptos, CA, USA

Faramak Zahraie, Seattle, WA, USA

Mohammad Hosein Zaker, Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran

Victor Zalazar, Cordoba, Argentina

Atash Zameni, Sari, Islamic Republic of Iran

Lilia Maria Zamora Rodriguez, Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos, La Habana, Cuba

Joseph Zarba, UFT Local 2 (retired), Brooklyn, NY, USA

Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance, USA

Milad Zehtabi

Martin Zeis, Germany

Catherine Zeitz, International Action Center, NYC, USA

Mario Zelaya, Berkeley, CA, USA

Vivian Zelaya, Ecumenical Peace Institute, USA

Bahram Zandi, Green Party US, Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Mehran Zanganeh, Berlin, Germany

Linda Zarebski, Eastpointe, MI, USA

Leonel Zegarra, Nuevo Perú, Chiclayo, Peru

Ortwin Zeitlinger, ATTAC, Berlin, Germany

Abdelkrim Zemzari, Tunisian Right for Health Association, Tunisia

Dace Zeps, Madison, WI, USA, Four Lakes Green Party

Lea-Anne Zinke, Canada

James Zitis, Holiday, FL, USA

Chuck Zlatkin, Big Apple Coffee Party, New York, NY, USA

Herwig Zmölnig, Offenberg, Germany

Daniela Zucchelli, Crema, Cremona, Italy

Rebeca Zuniga, Denver Justice and Peace Committee, Denver, CO, USA

Mark Zurawski, Houston, TX, USA

Edik Zwarenstein, Toronto, ON, Canada

Elke Zwinge-Makamizile, Germany

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