Worldwide mobilization to say “NO WAR ON VENEZUELA!” this weekend in 130+ Cities

This Saturday, February 23, the world will see two mobilizations. One – an attempted invasion of Venezuela — disguised as a humanitarian mission.

The other – demonstrations in support of the Bolivarian Revolution in now 130 cities worldwide – all with the rallying cry “No U.S. War on Venezuela!”

To counter war propaganda, our grassroots mobilization of solidarity will take place across the globe – in support of the Venezuelan people and against imperialist intervention.

The corporate media has been viciously promoting propaganda to build the case for war. Don’t allow them to censor our global solidarity with Venezuela. It is critical that we make every effort to get our message to the people of Venezuela and the world  – through social media, sharing photos and videos from demonstrations, and circulating reports on the weekend’s mobilization as widely as possible.

There are also many materials available on the website for use at local actions, on social media, and at other upcoming activites to build solidarity with Venezuela, including:

U.S. war plans are escalating. U.S. military planes, supposedly carrying ‘humanitarian aid’, are landing in Colombia and the U.S. military is being positioned throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The right-wing governments of Colombia and Brazil are moving forces closer to the border with Venezuela. Death squad boss Elliot Abrams himself is arriving with the U.S. military into Colombia. The Pentagon and Wall Street are doing everything they can to stage a provocation to justify another war.

The coordinated solidarity actions reflect the overwhelming support within Venezuela and across the world for the Bolivarian Revolution. The thousands who have signed onto the call, translated the call into 16 languages, the organizations that have pledged their support, and the many actions taking place across the globe all represent oppressed and working people who identify with the resistance and determination of the Venezuelan people.

Millions have learned from the bitter experience of past US imperialist wars that US intervention is never for humanitarian concern. US wars are wars waged for Wall Street and to plunder the world for profit.

All out for #23Feb! The people of the world say NO to war on Venezuela!

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